5 Unforgivable Sins of Web Design

No one ever said web design was easy. Not only do you have to worry about making sure the content is quality and SEO is in place, you also have to make sure the design isn’t a problem. And that’s the thing—web design is surprisingly easy to mess up. One mistake can make a fabulous website crash and burn, which no one wants. Here are the 5 most unforgivable web design sins to avoid:

1. Badly Timed Pop-Ups/Pop-Overs

Yes, pop-ups/pop-overs are fine. You don’t have to worry much. The problem is when you have them scheduled to pop up. Many websites think you need the pop-up to appear immediately, but there’s no reason to ask someone who hasn’t even read the content on the site to sign up for your mailing list or ebook. Have the pop-up wait for several seconds to at least let people develop a first impression.

2. Auto-Playing Videos

Never leave a video designated for autoplay with the sound on. If you’re going to have autoplay, then remove the sound. While it seems like a great tactic for getting people’s attention, the truth is that startling them half to death is the quickest way to get the site closed forever. One of the reasons why autoplay is now a sin is because it’s intrusive. Many people listen to music while browsing, meaning they won’t enjoy having their music disturbed and garbled. Devio.digital can help you easily.

3. Tiny Text

As bad as it is to have a brightly colored font on a black background, the worst offender is tiny text. Many web designers of a reputed company get too focused on the overall look of the site that they sometimes forget about the font size and type in the template. Ensure that the site is readable. Next, choose modern typography that can function on both PC and mobile versions of the site. Also, be sure to space the text appropriately.

Remember, the standard text size is 16 pixels. Anything else will be too small.

4. Too Many Ads

Yes, advertisements are one of the best ways to monetize your website; but they can also be distracting and will make the design that you worked on look unprofessional and cheap if there’s too many. Imagine how horrible it is to try reading a page with a billion flashing ads all asking the person to buy. It’s going to leave a bad impression, and they won’t stay long. Dial back on the ads and promote quality content instead. Check out www.webdesignottawa.com.

5. Too Many Images

The issue with having too many images, especially big images, is that it makes the site slow to load and scroll, regardless of how the person is viewing it. Never choose featuring a huge picture over the load time and run speed of your website. People are looking for efficiency and speed now more than ever, so if you bog them down, they won’t be coming back to your site.

There you have it—5 unforgivable web design sins that need to be avoided. Be sure to check your website to make sure you’re not doing these things. If you are, correct them ASAP.