5 ways to Overcoming fear of the Dentist

Dental care is very important for your overall mental and physical health. Yes, you hear right mental health, as toothache can make you the most irritated person leading to the destruction of your mental peace. According to the studies, it has been known that about 45 to 60 percent of the population has dental fear.

To maintain dental health it’s important to overcome the fear of the dentist. One must regularly visit a dentists. But the fear or anxiety of people don’t let them follow this good habit. Many people get frightened by the thought of visiting a dentist. They go through a lot of dental pain but would not be visiting a dentist.

It has been witnessed by doctors that many people go happily for the check-up or surgery but when they see the tray of needle and other equipments in front of them they get fainted or just run away. To tackle all these problems and complications one can follow any of the below methods.

Welcome your fear:

Don’t be embarrassed about the fact that you are afraid of dentist. It is normal, millions of people go through this problem. Consol yourself, make yourself firm and believe that regular check-ups are far better than aftermath surgery or more critical and harmful situations that can cause due to your ignorance.

Comfort yourself:

You must visit the dentist and have a good talk with him/her, don’t forget that they are humans too. Being friendly by talking will give comfort and familiar support which will gradually decrease your anxiety level. Make them aware of your fear, and they will surely provide you with an extra amount of care.

Recognize the process:

People are generally anxious and fear of dentists and surgery because they are unaware of the procedures. You must get the idea of the procedure that’s going to take place from your dentist, in this way you can make your mind what to expect when the whole thing will take place. Ask about how much time you would have to spend in the operation theatre.

Go with a Companion:

Don’t feel ashamed about the fact that you are feared. It’s absolutely fine and common. Seeking family or friend support is the best option in this regard. A familiar face makes the whole process quite simple, it provides you with an extra layer of support and assurance.


Distractions have been one of the most preferred ways to tackle any anxious situation. Diverting your mind or attention during treatment will surely make the process easy. One can distract the mind by listening to music, fiddling with a stress ball, counting to yourself, or you can just think of any fantasy.

By placing TVs in the ceiling for patients to watch movies, Dr. Vivek Handa implements techniques of diversional therapy to keep their minds off the procedure. Ontario based dentist Vivek Handa has been providing dental work to his patients for years.

A dental visit is not as scary as people think it to be. A regular visit is very essential for your overall health.

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