6 Signs You Need a Gutter Repair or Installation

When last did you have your gutters checked? If you can’t remember when the last time was or it’s been a really long time, you might want to change this, especially when you consider that gutter repair can cost you about $359 versus between $1,600 and $2,175 for full gutter replacement. 

Maybe it’s time you checked if your gutter regularly as it’s much easier on your wallet to take care of them and repair them if needed than to have to fully replace them if they are neglected. 

Read on to learn some signs that will determine if you require gutter repair or gutter installation.

The Importance of A Gutter

Your gutter is the shallow trough that’s fixed underneath the eave of your roof. It helps to divert rainwater from your roof and your home’s foundation. It ensures that rainwater doesn’t ruin your home.

Gutters come in a variety of materials including aluminum, plastic, steel, and copper. Homeowners can also choose either K-style gutters or half-round gutters. The two styles of gutters available.

The downspout or waterspout is the part of the gutter system that allows the rainwater to move from the gutter to the ground without getting in or on your home. Some homeowners also choose to add cup chains or rain chain-like links for more effective water drainage and a more aesthetically pleasing finish.

Your home’s gutter also:

  • Stops the growth of mold and mildew
  • Prevents erosion
  • Lessens paint damage
  • Protects your landscaping
  • Prevents staining on the outer walls of your home
  • Prevents basement flooding

These can occur if there’s damage to your gutter or if it’s clogged with sticks, leaves, or other debris. Interestingly, many professional gutter cleaners find thousands of kids’ toys while doing gutter repairs.

6 Signs You May Need Gutter Repair or Installation

Gutters are one of the features in your home that you often don’t think about until it is no longer functioning as it should. Don’t be one of those homeowners that realizes your gutter needs cleaning when it’s too late. Here are some things to look out for:

  1. Leaking

Check your gutters for leakage. Any sign of a leak means your guttering system isn’t working as it should. Contact a professional right away as leaks can lead to breakage. This might result in water coming inside your home.

  1. Water Damage

Leaks are not the only indication of gutter repair. Although water damage can result from a leak. It can also be a result of a clogged or incorrectly positioned gutter. If water is ending up where it shouldn’t that’s a clear sign you need to call a professional.

Signs of water damage can be water pooling on the ground below the gutter, or water stains just below the gutter. If the damage is too extensive you may need a gutter installation.

  1. Blockage

Blocked or clogged gutters prevent water from flowing through the system as it should. Many things can clog your gutter that may surprise you. Besides debris from trees nearby such as leaves and twigs, especially during the autumn months, kids’ toys, ice, and insect or birds’ nests can also cause gutter blockage.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much for a gutter to get clogged. You should have your gutter cleaned at least twice a year. However, if you have a lot of trees near your home, have them cleaned quarterly. 

  1. Sagging

A sagging gutter means water isn’t flowing through it as it should. This can lead to further damage with the entire gutter system eventually falling. Have a professional assess the damage as it might be a quick fix.

  1. Separation

Separation occurs when your gutter starts to pull away from your home. This is never a good sign as it means water will fall behind it and onto your house. A broken gutter is often caused by storm damage or extreme wind gusts. It may also be due to the age of your gutter.

  1. Mold or Mildew

If you notice any blackish or greenish growth on your gutter, it might be a sign of age, mold, or mildew. The growth might occur when there are openings or splits in the seams of your gutter. Larger openings mean those sections in the gutter need to be replaced.

Fortunately, mold or mildew as a result of age is removable. Once you’ve determined there are no splits or openings, you just need to clean the mold or mildew from your gutters with a diluted bleach mixture.

Let the Professionals Do the Work

Another important thing about gutters is that you should have a professional do any work required. This includes any cleaning, repair, or installation. Your chance of slipping or falling while cleaning increases because the debris that gathers in your gutter can be slippery.

It’s not worth taking the chance, so leave it to a professional. Not sure where to begin to find a reputable one? This gutter installation company is your answer.

They specialize in gutter installation. They also provide you with a selection of 16 different gutter color options to choose from along with matching downspouts.

More Thought For Your Gutter

So you’ve finally discovered your gutter but also realized that gutter repair is out and you need a new gutter. The cash outlay may be more than you want to spend, but considering your gutter should last for the next 20 years, you can safely say the investment will pay for itself.

The most important thing is to find a professional that will ensure that the installation will last. They should also be able to advise you on how often you should have your gutter cleaned based on the location of your home.

Ensure you no longer neglect this important feature of your home. For other tips on keeping your home in great condition, check out our Home & Garden Section.

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