8 Essential Carpet Care Tips

People claim that carpets are becoming less popular and yet, the carpet cleaning industry is still growing. Carpets are here to stay.

However, having a carpet means you need to take care of it. They’re very different than hardwood floors and, in some ways, require more maintenance. 

Don’t worry though — if you follow these preventative tips, your carpet care will be easy. 

  1. Tend to Spills Immediately

The one thing you should never do in carpet maintenance is to leave spills for later. It can be tempting if you’re in a rush or don’t feel like dropping everything to attend to a spill, but that only gives the stain time to set in.

Instead, stop, and deal with the spill immediately. Use paper towels to soak up the liquid and then vacuum.

Never, ever rub vigorously as this can actually force the stain further into the carpet and make it stay forever. 

  1. Use Carpet Protection

Better than dealing with spills immediately is using carpet protection so the spills don’t have as much opportunity time to set in.

Carpet protection film protects your carpet from a number of things — not just spills, but the natural wear and tear of people constantly walking on it over time.

Go to this website for some great protection.

  1. Use Doormats

If you have carpet in rooms that lead to the outdoors, make sure you place doormats at the doors.

This can be very helpful in cleaning and can maintain your carpet because people will bring in the dirt over time. By placing doormats there, the worst of it will come off on a surface that isn’t your expensive carpet. 

  1. Take Your Shoes Off

Getting into the habit of taking your shoes off when you come indoors can be combined with doormats to really protect your carpet.

Place shoe stands right at the door, or have a closet there. That way, you can get into the habit of taking your shoes off before you ever step off the carpet.

This helps not having the harsh soles of shoes on your carpet and also protects it from the general grime of the outside world. 

  1. Carpet Care Involves Vacuuming Frequently

Most people hate vacuuming. Unfortunately, carpet maintenance involves doing it frequently!

Once a week is a good rule of thumb if you’re otherwise careful with your carpet — just to get those little crumbs and pieces of dust out that have fallen there.

If you have other factors involved, you may need to vacuum more than once a week. For example, kids may run over the carpet with snacks or you may have pets who shed all over the floor.

Even if you can’t see the pet hair and the mess, a quick vacuum can really help. You should also make sure you’re using the right attachment for the carpet, as using the wrong one could cause some damage. It’s always best to use gentler attachment when in doubt.

  1. Don’t Steam Fresh Stains

Many people instinctually steam fresh stains to try and get them out of the carpet. Unfortunately, this can end up locking them in further.

This is the last thing you should do. 

Don’t worry — steam cleaning is still great, and can really get out odors and stains in the long run! However, it should be done if the stain has been there for a while, and not if you’ve just spilled something.

The mistake that most people tend to make with steam cleaning is timing. However, if you have some older, stubborn stains, then go for it! 

  1. Don’t Pull Snags

If you’ve noticed some snags on your carpet, you might want to reach down and pull them. You may have even done this without thinking about it.

It’s a bad idea. This can end up damaging your carpet more.

Instead of pulling it, find some sharp scissors and cut the thread free. 

  1. Use Professional Cleaners

Every now and again, it’s a great idea to get some professional cleaners in to take care of your carpets. Even if you think you’re doing a good job, it never hurts to have a professional go over things and make sure they’re in great condition.

If you don’t have time to clean your carpet at all, you can always have someone come in and clean more regularly. The frequency is really up to you and depends on how much maintenance you need help with.

Professional cleaners have the expertise to get your carpet looking great, even if it’s a long time. They can get odors and stains out that have been there forever. 

They can save you time and even money, in the long run, since you won’t have to buy all of the carpet cleaning equipment that you otherwise would have to.

It never hurts to try them out, and you’re not obligated to keep going if professional cleaning isn’t for you. 

Follow These Tips to Take Care of Your Carpet

Carpet care can seem impossible at times if you have pets shedding hair all over the floor and people tracking in the dirt all the time. However, if you follow these preventative tips, make sure you act fast when there’s a spill or stain, and have your carpet professionally cleaned every now and again, it’ll stay looking great.

You should remember to get into some good habits, like frequent vacuuming and taking your shoes off when you come indoors.

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