6 Things You Need to Know Before Becoming an Event Planner

Are you a lover of events? If you’re thinking of planning a St. Patrick’s Day event, an interesting fact is that the first St. Patrick’s Day parade can be traced back to 1601. It occurred on a Spanish colony in what is St. Augustine, Florida today. 

As a lover of events, then you might wonder what becoming an event planner entails. This article will go over different things you’ll want to know before becoming one. Read on to explore these different facts in order to get started on your dream role today. 

  1. Getting Started

When you’re looking to become an event planner, you’ll first need to gain experience before starting your own business. This means volunteering with different businesses or organizations. These can include event designers, florists, catering companies, etc. 

Create an event portfolio that’ll show your knowledge and expertise. Network with other event planners, and develop relationships with them. Expand your network with different professionals such as musicians, caterers, and media personalities.

  1. Degrees Involved 

If you’re thinking of working for an employer, many companies prefer those who have a degree in business administration or marketing. Other degrees can be in communications or public relations as well. You can also begin in an administrative role, and work your way up. 

  1. Perfection Is Key

When you’re wondering how to become an event planner, perfection and attention to detail is a must. Keep in mind that successful event planners also have others help out in their roles. 

Understand that sometimes mistakes can happen that are out of your realm. Take a breath, reach out for help, and save the day. 

  1. Working With Celebrities 

Working with famous people and celebrities can be exciting, or stressful. Some can be rude and demanding toward you as an event planner. 

  1. Comfortable With Technology

You’ll be on social media often for this role. While others might see you as rude, you’re doing your job. Be comfortable being on social media, and replying to questions across the channels. 

  1. Your Event Portfolio

In your event portfolio, you’ll want to include the experience you have, as well as the different events you host. Have a portfolio online in order for others to take a look. 

Consider taking an event course to help yourself stand out and mention it in your event portfolio. If you’re starting your own business, you’ll want to create a business plan as well. 

Once you create a business plan, it’s time to register the name of your business. Ensure that the name is available as well. You’ll also want to think about your budget before you buy items for your business. 

What To Consider Before Becoming an Event Planner

Now that you’ve explored this guide on what to consider before becoming an event planner, you should have a better idea of what to expect. Are you looking for more how-tos plus tips and tricks?

We can help! For all of the latest informative content and how-tos, check out our other articles today. 

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