7 Most Common Workplace Injuries You Must Know About

We spend a massive chunk of our lives in our respective workplaces, and therefore, it becomes the responsibility of an employer to ensure that the workplace is free from hazards. Moreover, if there are any hazards in the workplace, employers must ensure that all the employees are well aware of them and are adequately equipped to handle such situations.

Various types of injuries can happen in the workplace due to both bad luck and bad behavior. Therefore, we have listed here seven most common workplace injuries you must be familiar with so that you can stay comparatively safe in your workplace.

  1. Injuries due to Slips and falls:

You can slip and trip even in the most non-risky workplaces because almost every sort of office has slippery surfaces. Such surfaces get even more dangerous if they exist near the stairs because tripping from there will result in severe injuries.

Some jobs require people to climb on scaffoldings and work there, which can also prove to be an incredibly dangerous proposition, especially in the absence of mandatory personal protective equipment. Be aware that if you suffer an injury because the employer did not provide the appropriate PPE, you have solid grounds to file for damages by hiring a competent attorney from Ladah Law Firm.

  1. Injuries due to falling objects:

Such injuries happen predominantly while working in a warehouse where heavy cartons can land on your head during transportation. But, you can also get injured by objects falling from an open shelf, and they can considerably hurt you.

  1. Injuries due to muscular strains:

Muscular strains, especially back pains, are part and parcel of people who work in companies that handle logistics because the job description will involve lifting heavy weights. Such injuries can easily be avoided by learning about proper lifting techniques and work ergonomics.

  1. Repetitive strain injury (RSI)

Repetitive strain injuries are caused due to overuse of the same joints, and it can happen even in office jobs that involve working at a computer because typing on keyboards strain the wrist joints. Therefore, employers must ensure that their employees take regular breaks so that RSI can be avoided.

  1. Cuts and Lacerations:

You can get cuts and lacerations even if you are doing a white-collar job because office supplies have several hazardous items like staplers and paper trimmers. Therefore, employees need to understand the working of every office equipment so that such injuries can be avoided.

  1. Breathing in toxic fumes:

Inhaling toxic fumes is a possibility for those people who are employed in manufacturing industries as they mostly involve chemicals. Therefore, it is essential to take safety measures like wearing goggles and masks while working in such sectors.

  1. Physical altercations:

It may sound ridiculous, but physical altercations do happen in workplaces. It is an understandable situation because employees spend a lot of time with each other and are bound to dislike some of their colleagues. Such disliking can go to such an extent that employees end up fighting each other, and as a result, suffer nasty injuries.

Now that you know about the most common personal injuries, you have no excuse for being in a situation where you are physically injured in your workplace.

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