Why Do You Need to See Your Dentist Twice a Year?

West Ryde is a suburb in Sydney, a city in New South Wales, Australia. Its location is 16 kilometres from Sydney central business district. This massive suburb is part of the Northern Sydney region with more than 13,300 residents. Cheaper properties than other suburbs, such as Eastwood and Ryde, have made this place famous.

This suburb is a family-friendly place that boasts a multi-cultural community, a busy shopping strip and excellent school options. You can easily access all of these via Victoria Road. West Ryde’s biggest drawcard is convenient living. Within the Victoria road, you can find many cafes, dining spots, and shops where you can buy your daily needs around the train station. The suburb also has Top Ryde Shopping Centre with some of the biggest brand stores, supermarkets, and boutique shopping.

With a busy life and many restaurants serving mouth-watering food, most people forget some of the most essential parts of healthcare – oral care. Most people skip visiting their dentist for checkups or cleaning. It is recommended that you are visiting your West Ryde dentist every six months.

Maintaining your oral healthcare is essential to keep your overall health in good condition. If you think that your schedule is too jam-packed to squeeze in an appointment with your dentist, below are some excellent reasons you should visit your dentist twice a year.

It keeps your teeth from tooth decay.

Your teeth won’t grow back once you lose a permanent one. Sadly, when the enamel, the outer part of the tooth was destroyed by dental decay, it won’t grow back. This is the reason you should prevent tooth decay from starting.

During your checkup, the dentist will closely check your teeth and see if there is any tooth decay sign and treat it as soon as possible. This will keep the tooth decay from spreading, saving your tooth’s enamel.

It prevents gum disease.

Severe periodontitis or gum disease is found in approximately 5-15% of the Australian population. Having this disease will get you visiting your dentist at least every 3-4 months for thorough gum care. Well, you don’t have to experience this disease if you are visiting your dentist every six months in the first place.

Periodontitis may result in stroke, respiratory illnesses, heart disease, and pregnancy complications if left untreated. Regular dental checkups can keep you from having this disease.

It removes stubborn tartar.

Regular brushing won’t remove all the plaque on your teeth. The plaque between your teeth or in the back of your mouth can become tartar in the long run. A toothbrush cannot remove tartar. Fortunately, dentists can remove it using special tools. With that in mind, regularly visiting your West Ryde dentist is important to keep tartar from building up on your teeth.

You need professional cleaning.

Aside from the regular checkup, your dentist will also provide you with professional cleaning. The dentist will remove all the dirt buildup on your teeth, making them feel brand new! Moreover, the dentist will give you important tips on how to keep your mouth clean and healthy.

If you think that regular visits to your dentist are expensive, well, think again. Treating gum diseases is more expensive, let alone the pain that comes with it. Visiting the dentist two times yearly will keep you from the pain and all the expenses for treatments and medication once your oral problems get worse.

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