Acupressure for better sleep

Are you suffering from a lack of sleep and need help? Luckily, within the ancient eastern medicine of acupuncture, there are DIY importances points on body that may help you fall asleep earlier and help restore your much-needed energy. This can be achieved using a acupressure mat from  Align Mat, but first let’s look more into acupressure and its history.

Basically,touch this point is called acupressure, a creation spin-off from acupuncture! Like acupuncture, this usual Chinese medicine relies on trigger &some point stimulating in the substance, this redirects blood flow and promotes overall wellness. What is the primary difference you ask? Even if acupuncture stimulates with the use of pressure to trigger body points, acupressure relies simply on heavy touch &needles.

Acupuncturist Kim Peirano Studies over the last 3 years has shown that the deep relaxation acupuncture places us in has displayed to help fix brain waves! So, it means that can help us turn off or tone down our most basic instincts (flight responseorfight) which are associated with stress, overthinking and sleep.

Want to know the best thing about acupressure? Different acupuncture, which always should be completed by a licensed trader, you can activate pressure points for sleep via acupressure from the comfort of your own home, in your own bed! This is the perfect trick for those self-development enthusiasts who need to get the most out of there sleep, just learn the 3 DIY pressure points below and you will be in full control of your sleeping patterns.

Here are three pressure points to help with your sleep.


You will find the HT7 located on under of your wrist, HT7 (also known as the Heart 7) is known to help with feelings of anxiety and worry, which is a big reason for why it helps with sleep!  Doctor Stephen Chee, MD, LAc. conducted a study that found adults who accepted acupressure on the HT7 pressure point on both wrists for 5weeks reported overall better quality of sleepandless insomnia.

What we do: With the palm facing up, take the thumb on yourpinky edge of the wrist at your base of the palm bone. Use the thumb, go deep, firm pressure to stimulate this point for few minutesandmassage. Do this daily for up to 4 weeks to see maximum results


Triggering KD3 (often referred to kidney 3), first, the KD3 is located on under of the ankle, known to be favourable for insomnia. Studies on children with hypertension invent that those who accepted acupressure therapy on the KD3 point had a significant improvement in the quality of sleep and their blood pressure. This study has given a great rise to the use of this pressure point to help improve business owners, professional athletes and fortune 500 CEO’s sleep.

What we do: Place the thumb on the under of the ankle, between the Achille’s tendonand the ankle bone. Put firm, massage and deep pressure for few minutes, repeat this process for several weeks to see maximum results.


SP6 (commonly known as the spleen 6) is a traditional pressure point that has been used for centuries to help address period cramps and pelvic problems. This, however, isn’t the only useful benefit of stimulating the SP6, activating the point helps to minimize fatigue a long raise sleep quality!

What we do: Place the fingers at the upper part of the ankle, ensure it’s on the under of the leg. Now apply firm pressure to trigger the area and measure finger-widths downward. Do this for serval minutes daily.

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