A Quick Bedroom Remodel Checklist

If you’re investing in a bedroom remodel, you want to ensure that everything is just right.

On average, Americans spend a total of 36 years in bed in their lifetime. From sleeping to watching TV, to relaxing, we spend a lot of time in our bedrooms.

With that in mind, you want your bedroom to be a place of rest and optimal comfort. If you’re ready to remodel, we’ve got the perfect guide for you.

Here is your bedroom remodel checklist to ensure your best sleep years ahead.

It Is Comfortable 

You want to ensure that your bedroom is a comfortable place to rest. For many people, their environment can have an effect on their sleep cycles and overall quality of sleep.

The design and decor of your bedroom should promote relaxation and comfort.

Avoid busy bedroom wall decor that can overstimulate your mind. Instead, click here for beautiful bedroom murals in a variety of designs.

It Reflects Your Personal Style 

Your bedroom design should be pleasing to you. You can get creative and personal when choosing your bedroom decor and choose pieces that reflect your unique style.

In order to create a bedroom design looks cohesive, pick a theme and ensure all of your pieces are related to that theme.

The Feng Shui Is Just Right 

A crowded space bedroom acts as a stressor and can have a negative effect on your health.

You want everything in your bedroom to be properly spaced and allow your bed to act as the centerpiece of the room. Side tables on either side of the bed are ideal if you have the space. Make sure that your bedroom is not overcrowded and that your bed is easily accessible without other furniture in the way.

Colors should be calm to foster relaxation, and you should avoid setting up a desk in the same room.

There Is Proper Lighting and Ventilation

You want to ensure that your bed is placed so that it is not accidentally in line with harsh or exposed lights. You want to have lamps on either side of your bed for softer lighting. This is great for reading and you don’t have to get up to turn off the main light before sleep.

You also want to avoid a draft where you are sleeping. Make sure that there is good airflow in your room to avoid a musty or damp environment. Windows in your bedroom are an absolute must.

The Bottom Line on a Bedroom Remodel 

Our bedroom is a sacred space that helps us to rest and rejuvenate. Because we spend so much time in our bedrooms, we want to ensure that it is a calming and tranquil place in our busy homes. For a thorough bedroom remodel, ensure that the feng shui is right, that it reflects your personal style, that the lighting and ventilation are just right, and that it is comfortable.

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