Advantages Of Best Bass Lures

If you are into fishing, then you should definitely know what types of lures are out there for bass fishing. Especially if you are a beginner, you should learn more about specific types of lures so you can have a successful fishing day.

There are so many kinds, but in this topic, it is going to be talked over some of the most commonly used, and of course, their advantages, and why are they so popular. There are so many people in the world who are fishing bass but just do not have the right equipment and tools.

You may have seen some videos on YouTube or other social media, especially channels with this type of content. They are most likely to recommend some lures that are doing fantastic stuff for them.

You may think that you want to try them out, but you want to get additional information regarding lures. Do not worry, as it is perfectly normal to feel this way. After this topic, hopefully, it will be more straightforward for you.

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Stick bait

Various choices can benefit you, such as getting the right color, different techniques, etc. The Stick bait has been one of the most popular bass lures throughout the years, as they are so efficient.

They come in various colors, such as Chartreuse, Cinnamon, and Green pumpkin. These colors have proven to be the most efficient for different waters. If you want to fish some bass in darker waters, you might want to use a color that is lighter so that it can attract their attention.

You can use this bait on any plastic rig, but one of the most used methods is the wacky rig method. You just set it up, put it in water, then get it off, and repeat. It is so simple, and people are appreciating this kind of bait even more.

Curl tail grub

This type of lure is not so fancy-looking, but it most definitely gets the job done. It can be a very versatile approach when it comes to bass fishing. They are a must for beginners as they are straightforward to use.

You can use it in any kind of water, and it can catch just about anything. What you only need to be aware of is the curly tail. It needs to have its momentum so you can have a successful day of fishing. Other than that, you do not have to worry about anything, just put a bait on it, grab a cold one, and enjoy the day.


If you are the type of person that goes with an extensive profile, the spinnerbait is the perfect choice for you. They are made for aggressive fishing bass that is looking for something to bite on. It combines well with the curly tail grub just so it can have a harder lock-on target.

An important thing which you should note is that it can pick up weeds as it is larger in size. Get a feel of it, and you will get used to it quickly. After all, it all comes down with experience. If you want to read on how to catch fish, you should click this link.

Square bill crankbait

If you live in an area where there are shallow ponds and lakes, then this lure is a perfect option for you. It is very efficient in shallow waters, as its bright colors can attract bass very efficiently.

They are especially good for four to eight feet of depth; where you throw a colored lure near the shoreline, it will dive in and will do the job. A smart thing to do in order to outsmart the fish is to mimic the bait as if it is a wounded fish.

This will bring more interest onto the bass, and they might consider going for it very soon. Remember, they can be very aggressive, so you should know how to take that to your advantage.

Skirted bass jig

This one has been one of the top five most popular for its efficiency and versatility among the people that go for this kind of sport. However, this is not a beginner’s lure as it requires some technique and skills in order to master it.

If you are a beginner, this lure is not recommended for you as it is a lot harder. You should stick to the previously mentioned ones just so you can gain more experience before upgrading your equipment.


There are many more lures that are being used by professionals. In conclusion, here’s a list of the best bass lures of all time that should be definitely mentioned—the lipless crankbait, finesse worm, tube bait, swimbait, jerk bait, and topwater frog.

These are some of the most used by professionals, and they require skills and different techniques. If you are into this kind of sport, you should definitely get some of these bad boys for a successful day of fishing.

You can always look for more information on the internet, as there are many guides that will show you what is the best for yourself, whether if you are a beginner or if you are a medium-skilled. There are many things to be learned every day, and you can always start by taking small steps.

This is a sport that requires concentration, and most importantly, patience. Without it, you might never catch anything, because you need to be very calm in order to catch anything. There can be days when you will not catch anything, but this does not mean that you are not good; it means that you have had a bad day.

If you have friends, you can always go together, as it is a great time to spend with someone. Grab a few cold ones, go to the nearest pond, river, or lake, and enjoy the day. After all, if you do not catch anything, you will get some fresh air.

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