French bulldogs for sale

After protracted disagreements, the entire family came to an understanding and chose to adopt the French bulldogs for sale. The most crucial phase is now upon us: getting the house ready for the arrival of a puppy.

How do organize life, and what should be taken care of in advance? Consider what advice experienced cynologists give and analyze what needs to be abandoned on the first day of the puppy’s stay in a new family.

How to prepare your home for buying a puppy

So that the puppy is not injured and cannot cause damage to the apartment or house, you should prepare in advance for his appearance.

Experts recommend that owners allocate one room for a puppy.

This will keep the remaining rooms intact until the puppy has mastered the basic rules of behavior in a new home.

You should also remove from the room where the pet will be:

  • All small items that can harm the young inhabitant (paper clips, buttons, pins, etc.). It is important to understand that everything that the puppy can reach will automatically be tried “on the tooth”;
  • Electric wires. They must be securely put away in the box and preferably be out of the puppy’s access zone;
  • Books and magazines. They need to either be lifted onto the cabinet shelves or simply removed from the coffee table. Otherwise, the owner runs the risk of finding many small pieces of paper scattered throughout the room, or books with teeth marks;
  • Shoes and wardrobe items. Toddlers often itch teeth or just need new toys. To save the puppy from the temptation to gnaw on the owner’s shoes or slippers, they should not be left in the access zone of a young puppy.

This is important: to prepare the safest room for a four-legged pet, you need to carefully evaluate all risks to his life and health.

Imagine that you have a 7–8-month-old puppy in your house.

Prepare the room in such a way that his stay in it is comfortable and entails as slight damage as possible.

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