Applying to MBA programs in the United States

If you want to continue your business education at a higher learning institution, you need to make sure your chances of getting accepted into a program are as high as possible. Some of the steps needed include choosing the degree you want, preparing your transcript, getting your resume in shape, obtaining work references, and earning high GMAT and GRE scores. 

How to apply for the MBA program – use the MBA chances calculator!

There are a few steps you need to follow to successfully apply for an MBA program to see if you will be accepted! Try using an MBA chances calculator to see the likelihood of acceptance so you can save your time spending money and time on applications to schools where you might not have a chance.

If you have used the MBA chances calculator and know you have a shot at being accepted into a program, take the following steps to apply in 2021.

Choose the MBA degree

When applying for an MBA, you need to have different options as to how you should proceed, such as the places to apply, when to apply, and whether you want an online or on-campus program. The positives of doing an online MBA program are the flexibility and versatility to study when and where you want at any university. However, if you choose an in-person program, you may find it easier to learn in person in a classroom setting.

Prepare your transcript

The next step in applying to an MBA program is to prepare your transcripts. You need to ensure that everything is in order before submissions, such as your official transcripts from your last university, proof of identification, and proof of other achievements.

Do you need a higher GPA?

The next step in seeing if you will be accepted into an MBA program after using the MBA chances calculator is to see if your GPA is good enough to apply in the first place. If your GPA is below a 3.5, this is too low in most cases to be accepted into a higher learning institution. If you have a low GPA, like one below 3.0, you need to do something that makes you stand out among the crowd when applying for their MBA program.

Check your GMAT and GRE scores

Most MBA programs typically require the GRE and GMAT tests to have been taken before applying – and for the scores to be good. You should consider taking both if you want to show your complete knowledge of topics that will be covered in business school.

Prepare your resume

The next step in applying for an MBA program is preparing your resume and gathering references from any work experience you have had in the past. Make sure you have references who can speak highly of you at past professional experiences, and your resume clearly states your level of education, past work history, and special skills.


Applying to an MBA program can be daunting and confusing – but with our few steps outlined here, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Instead, use the MBA chances calculator to see the likelihood of being accepted into an MBA program at your dream college so you can have an idea of your acceptance rate before taking the time, effort, and money to apply. 

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