How Do You Ask Your Doctor for a Free STD Test in NYC

Getting a Free STD Testing in NYC may look like a big challenge especially if you want to undergo the process for the very first time. Even so, it is very important that you remain safe by learning a few ideal tips before you actually choose to get tested. One of these tips is learning how to ask your doctor for a free STD testing if you live in NYC. Here what you can do.

Ask for Free Options

You don’t have to feel awkward about it. You can always choose to visit an STD testing facility online and contact them about free STD tests. You will be surprised by the numerous offers you could get. By good luck, you can also find online tools that can easily help you to confirm if you are a good candidate for free STD testing.

The New York Department of Health operates a series of health clinics that offer free clinic services. In such facilities, you can easily get free STD testing. If you ask for free options, you can easily get to have these choices to use.

Use the Online Tools

In many occasions when you use online tools you don’t have to actually ask for free STD testing. If you log in to your personal online account, an STD online center will give you a simple online questionnaire to fill. Depending on your answers, you will eventually determine if you are eligible for a free STD testing or if you not.

Most online test labs in NYC are usually affordable, reliable, convenient, and confidential. In fact, counseling services are also available. You will be able to get tested at a sitting and you don’t have to move to get your results too.

Buy a Home STD Kit

When you approach a doctor you will be at an advantage to get the type of testing that you need if you have a rough idea of what you actually need. Approaching your doctor with a home STD kit option shows them that you are well informed and that you can actually do the free test alone. They can easily allow you to do the test at home.

The only problem with using a home-based kit is that on many occasions, there is no counseling service and you have to pay for a professional. Additionally, you could end up with inaccurate results sometime as you lack the expertise to know.

Enroll for Support Program

Support programs such as guidance and counseling are also easy ways through which you can ask for a Free STD Testing in NYC. Indeed joining support programs will give you a maximum leeway in using support based facilities. These options will always include free testing for STDs in NYC.

With support programs, you will be under special care and attention. This means that you can easily get the very best services and that you don’t have to move around much to seek help. Indeed, it is one of the most convenient options.

Use STD Testing Center

In many STD testing centers in NYC, there is usually the free testing service offered by sometimes even the Non-Governmental Organizations. You can ask your doctor directly if they offer such like services so that you can have an easy time getting the services at no cost at all. This is a great way to get affordable services too.

Even in free STD testing centers, the testing usually takes place in a traditional lab. What this means is that it is done under rigorous standards. Because of this, the STD test results from such labs are usually highly accurate and dependable.


The truth is that getting Free STD Testing in NYC is possible. Indeed, there are specific STDs that have also been found to be quite prevalent in NYC. You should, therefore, take your time to know your state of health.

Diseases such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV among others are more prominent in NYC. It is therefore very advisable that you take recommended tests from time to time. In order to cut costs, asking your doctor for free STD test is always very much advisable.

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