Begone Bugs! 5 Ways to Keep Your Home Pest-Free

Do you think that your home is totally pest-free? We hate to ruin your peace of mind, but you may have more bugs in your house than you realize. In fact, the average American home has 100 species of bugs living inside it.

While not all of those bugs are bothersome, it’s best to keep the number at bay to prevent infestation. Some bugs will eat your belongings or the foundation of your house, while others inflict painful bites and carry diseases. 

Keep a bug-proof house with these pest control tips.

Keeping Your Home Pest-Free

To keep bugs out of the house, you’ll need to employ several precautions. They include cleaning, home maintenance, repellents, and professional help. 

  1. Keep a Clean Kitchen

Anywhere you leave even the smallest traces of food, bugs will flock to. The worst perpetrators of food stealing bugs are ants and, of course, cockroaches.

Simply putting large amounts of food away is not always enough. Be sure to clean all dishes and wipe down counters after meal preparation because even a crumb or the leftover smell of sugar is enticing to a bug.

Instead of storing your food in the bags and boxes, it comes in, invests in some airtight containers so that no smells escape. They will keep your food fresh longer too!

  1. Eliminate Entrances

If you want to keep bugs outside, a logical step is getting rid of any spaces for them to come in through. Check your doors, windows, chimneys, pipes, and any other places cracks may have formed. Have any sealing that may have come loose repaired and fix any cracks in your home so that you don’t welcome unwanted visitors.

  1. Keep a Dry Home

Bugs are attracted to damp spaces. Keep an eye on your pipes to ensure that they don’t leak and create damp spots on or directly outside your home. Also, look underneath your sinks and in your bathroom for any vulnerabilities there. You can use expanding foam to fill any loose spots in your pipes and caulk to reseal tubs and showers.

  1. Have Regular Inspections

Despite your best efforts, sometimes bugs get in anyway, and you may not realize until the infestation is large and disastrous. Save money on major exterminations by opting for regular inspections with this service. Pest control services notice smaller infestations and treat them before they become a bigger problem.

  1. Use Natural Repellents

Even once your home is secure from inviting bugs, you may still want that extra bit of protection with a repellent. There are several natural scents to use as a pest deterrent that bugs will want to avoid.

Use diluted peppermint and tea tree oil in a spray bottle to deter spiders. You can use vinegar as a cleaner to stop ants or sprinkle a little black pepper in problem places. Be sure to always wash up the place where you’ve seen an ant walking as they leave a scent for other ants to follow.

Enjoying Your Bug Proof House

As long as you keep a clean home, practice good home maintenance, and call in the professionals as needed, you should be able to have a pest-free home.

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