Best Detoxes to Kick Off Your 2022 Health Goals

The new year often brings renewed commitment to living a healthier lifestyle, but it’s not always easy to achieve that goal. For many, the best move is detoxing to kickstart the journey towards feeling better. If you find yourself puzzled by your options and asking questions like “What is silicone dioxide?”, these tips should help.

Starting the New Year on a Healthy Note

It’s easy to let the overindulgences of the holiday season carry over into the new year. If you find that you’re still in party mode well into January but know you want to make a change, start with first things first: shop hangover drinks that will help alleviate the symptoms of overconsumption and get you back to feeling your best. Then, you’ll be in good shape to undergo a full-body detox to jumpstart your lifestyle makeover.

How to Detox Your Body

Although your body is built to naturally expel toxins, excess drinking, eating, and smoking can tax your system. When that happens, your natural processes could use the extra boost that comes from a Detoxify herbal cleanse that will supercharge the removal of unwanted substances.

One detox resource to tap is silicon dioxide, a naturally occurring compound that is both an essential nutrient and a powerful attractor of toxins. Cleanses that contain this compound work by binding to toxins in your digestive tract, allowing them to safely pass through your body. With so much discomfort commonly based in the gut, using an effective detoxing agent like silicon dioxide can provide relief and restore balance naturally.

For an all-over impact on how you feel, look for a cleansing program that supports circulatory and urinary detoxes in addition to digestive ones. Find an easy-to-follow single- or multi-day detoxification plan that takes the guesswork out of resetting your body systems.

Practice Healthy Habits

Developing healthy habits before and after cleansing is an important part of feeling better long-term. Start each day by drinking a full glass of water to improve digestion and skin health. Add more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to your meals, and limit your intake of sugars, caffeine, and fatty foods.

Getting adequate sleep is also key to feeling better; aim for seven hours of quality shuteye each night. When it comes to activity, incorporate as much exercise as you can into your daily routine. While elevating your heart rate and breaking a sweat carry the most benefits, even a short walk around the block is better than not moving at all. As a bonus, spending time outdoors during daylight will expose you to sunshine and the beneficial vitamin D it provides.

Getting started is often the hardest part when it comes to improving your health. By addressing immediate issues like overindulgence, engaging in a natural cleansing plan, and working to build beneficial habits, you’ll be setting yourself up to live a healthier lifestyle going forward. Hop online to shop for natural, detoxifying cleanses to begin feeling better in the new year.

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