Botox for Dark Circles: How Does It Help

Over 54% of Bellevue’s total population is older than 30, and stats show that women in their 30s and 40 are the most common clients at Botox clinics. Recent studies indicate that Botox can minimize dark circles and other facial discolorations.

However, Botox cannot magically erase dark circles or prevent them from ever occurring. It is a treatment that seeks to stop muscle contraction by blocking the signals from your nerves. Remember to always choose a trusted Bellevue Botox clinic for treatment.

Licensed experts who work in these clinics can help you fight dark circles and other signs of skin damage. It is also essential to check if the clinic you choose has excellent reviews and ratings.

How Botox Works

To understand how Botox can effectively minimize dark circles, spots, wrinkles, and lines, you must understand how the substance works. Botox is a drug prepared from Botulinum.

Licensed, trained Botox professionals inject the drug into your skin. Once Botox enters your skin, it interacts with your nerves and blocks nerve signals that ask your muscles to contract.

So, muscles in the target area cannot contract. When muscles cannot contract, the chances of wrinkles, lines, and other skin damage are minimized.

However, while Botox can prevent several signs of facial aging, it cannot prevent hyperpigmentation under the eyes.

Botox for Dark Circles

Trained experts at Bellevue Botox clinics inject Botox injections in nine to ten increments around the eyes. These injections can help restore volume under the eyes and make your under-eye area look plumper and younger.

The impact of the injections lasts around five months, after which you will need boosters. Choose the services of a highly trained, experienced medical practitioner for under-eye Botox treatment.

Your under-eye area is very sensitive, and improper administration of the injection could lead to severe issues. Botox treatment for the under-eye area can also minimize fine lines and “crow feet” that appear on the side of your eyes.

The minimal cost of Botox treatment in Bellevue is around $200. Medical experts recommend a combination of Botox injections and bleaching for dark circle treatment using Botox.

These experts sometimes use radiofrequency lasers and other special equipment for treating dark circles. You can get rid of tired-looking eyes with fillers like Botox.

Effect of the Treatment

Patients who have used Botox treatment for dark circles assert that its effects are lasting and transformative. Dermatology experts recommend using other derma fillers for restoring undereye volume. Also, find out about potential side effects of the treatment.

Botox cannot eliminate dark circles or puffy eyes. By itself, all Botox can do is eliminate wrinkles and lines that inflict your under-eye. As you age, the blood vessels under your eyes also become more visible. Other derma fillers can help reduce the appearance of dark circles and reduce puffiness.

Choose a top-rated clinic for the treatment. It is also essential to use high-quality bleaching solutions for the best results.

You have to be older than 18 to get Botox treatment in Bellevue. Botox treatment for the under-eye area is best suited for people who have reasonably healthy facial muscles and good eyelid support.

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