Car Advertising Stats You Can’t Ignore

In 1988 Nike had 18% ($877 million) of the American sports shoe market. By 1998 their share had increased to 43% ($9.2 billion). How did they do it? Advertising.

A business lives or dies by how effectively it advertises its goods or services. A business cannot wait for customers to find them, they have to go out into the world and inform people about their products or services.

In this article, we will discuss an effective means of advertising used by local mom-and-pop shops up to giant global megacorporations. Read on to learn how car advertising, called car wraps, can increase sales revenue for any company.

What Exactly Is Car Advertising?

It consists of a vinyl sheet of plastic that gets adhered to the vehicle’s surface. Any message or graphics can be printed onto the vinyl sheet.

The vinyl sheet can cover a small section on a door or trunk, or it can cover the entire vehicle. It can convey a single advertising message or multiple messages.

The vehicle wrap can be affixed to cars, busses, subway trains, and just about anything else with a smooth surface.

What Does It Cost?

Car marketing costs depend on many factors, but we’ll start with the cost per square footage of the vehicle to be wrapped. Below is a general idea based on the type of vehicle.

  1. Compact car — starts at $2,000
  2. Larger car (sedan) — starts at $3,000
  3. Crossover to SUV — starts at $3,500/$4,000
  4. Utility vehicle (van/truck) — $3,000 to $5,000

The costs can vary beyond these examples depending on the costs of design, production, printing, and installation labor.

How Effective Is Car Advertising?

In a competitive market, a wrapped vehicle on the road during daylight hours can generate from 30,000 to 80,000 impressions.

Advertising that targets drivers reaches more than 95% of Americans, and the average American travels 300+ miles in a given week.

Every time your vehicle hits the road, it advertises for your company. It’s advertising while moving, while in traffic jams, and in parking lots.

How Does Car Advertising Compare?

Unlike other forms of advertising that generally incur a cost every time you place it (on radio, in print, on a website), a vehicle wrap incurs mostly up-front costs. Once the wrap gets installed, it receives impressions every time the vehicle is out where people can see it.

Viewers of your ads cannot change the channel or station. If they sit behind your car at a light, they continue to see the car advertising.

No need to worry about targeting certain readers or listeners, your ad will reach all ages, genders, ethnicities, income groups, and professions.

You can send your advertising wherever you want and whenever you want. A car wrap is even more versatile than a billboard.

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Versatile, Ubiquitous Advertising That Works

Car advertising is relatively inexpensive, it gets a lot of impressions, and it compares favorably to all other forms of advertising.

Don’t let your business flounder without advertising. Start competing with car advertising and generate new business now.

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