Chinese Flower Delivery Taboos

Flowers have become the most popular gift at social events. When choosing flowers as a gift, you need to pay attention to three aspects when choosing flowers: the variety, color and number of flowers because of the different flower symbolism and different folklore and religious culture. This time, I hope you will find it helpful to know the taboo of sending flowers to China.

In some traditional Chinese festivals or festive days, it is usually customary to buy flowers and flower baskets. Flowers are a good decoration to bring a strong festive atmosphere; flowers are also a good gift to send to friends and relatives when they visit their homes to buy a flower basket or bouquet. In the traditional Chinese holidays, flowers given as gifts

The colors should be bright and warm to match the festive atmosphere of the holiday. You can use warm colors such as red, yellow, pink, orange, etc. Never send a whole bouquet of white series flowers as a holiday gift. (In China, red flowers are the most popular flowers for celebrations, while white flowers are often used for funerals)

In China, different flowers have different symbolic meanings. For example, peonies are a symbol of wealth and good fortune, and are generally used as potted plants for families; lilies are suitable for couples to give to each other or to congratulate newlyweds; and lilies are a symbol of “eternal youth” and are used for the elderly to celebrate their birthday. Therefore, when sending flowers, you need to choose different flowers for different occasions and different people.

China is a vast place, and different regions have different taboos on flower delivery. For example, in some parts of Guangdong or Hong Kong, the following flowers should be avoided when sending flowers: gladiolus, jasmine. Because in Cantonese speaking places, the pronunciation of the names of these flowers is not so good. (The pronunciation of gladiolus is similar to encountering misfortune and jasmine is similar to having no profit)

According to the traditional Chinese custom – good things come in pairs. Chinese people are very particular about the number of flowers they send, and even numbers are the most auspicious. Therefore, unless you are sending a friend away on a long trip, it is not appropriate to send a single flower in front of his lapel to show your goodbye.

One thing to remember is that sending a bouquet of flowers that someone likes is always more popular than sending flowers blindly.

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