Decking Pedestals: How Many Should You Install?

Building a deck in Australia is not for the faint-hearted because of the associated expenses. For example, it is estimated to cost you somewhere between $3,000 and $7,000. For each square metre, you will spend from $160 to $220. So, the larger the deck space, the more budget you need to prepare. A slew of factors may affect the total project cost, such as the quality of materials or uneven ground.

However, the estimated cost only covers traditional decks. You can significantly cut your labour costs by installing decking pedestals.

How Decking Pedestals Help Speed Up Project Timeline

This simple solution will allow you to address the typical challenges that come with external flooring installations. For example, you can easily integrate the drainage and gas pipes or plumbing underneath the pavers because of the void space underneath.

  1. You need to make sure the surface is levelled before you install the traditional pavers. Since decking pedestals are adjustable, you can move the height up and down, so your decking floor is always level. You do not need to spend for the earth-fill.
  2. The workers also save a lot of time because they can avoid building the sub-frames for the deck. The decking pedestals are designed to hold the pavers without any additional modifications.
  3. Elevating your deck will also protect it from mudslides and landslides, which would be perfect if you reside in a sloping area.
  4. They are extremely flexible, and you can install tiles, concrete, or wooden slabs on these pedestals.
  5. The decking pedestals are easy to install and use. Workers are also very familiar with their installation process. For example, the worker only needs to twist the head to adjust the height.
  6. You can easily access the pipes, electrical wires, or drainage underneath the deck.
  7. The installation process does not require many tools. You only need to bury the pedestals on the ground. The heavy slabs will weigh down the pedestals.
  8. The pedestals are also very durable and require little or no maintenance. Once you install them, you do not need to conduct annual inspections to ensure the integrity of the columns.

Calculating the Number of Pedestals

But back to the principal question: How many pedestals should you install for your deck?

As a rule of thumb, you need to install six to nine pedestals for each square metre. The number translates to one pedestal for every 500 millimetres along the joist. A slab measuring 440x1200mm will require six decking pedestals.

However, consider the weight of the slab to determine additional support. Another thing to consider is the volume of traffic or furniture pieces you plan on putting on the deck.

You have to remember that manufacturers typically recommend decking pedestals for a slab measuring at least 400x400mm.

The decking pedestals are made of very durable Polypropylene, which can be adjusted from 14mm to a maximum height of 1016mm for the paving, or from 19mm to 1021mm for the deck.

The material is designed to support the lifespan of the deck. For instance, a wooden deck will last about 15 years, while a composite deck can go as long as 30 years. In most instances, even if the surface is already rotten and dilapidated, the plastic pedestal is still usable, which means that you can cut the cost, in case you build another deck.

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