What Are the Best Indoor House Plants That Homeowners Have Today?

Did you know more than 18 million Americans gardened for the first time in 2020? Almost 50% of these new gardeners said this activity helped with their mental health. 88% of new gardeners plan to continue their gardening activities this year.

Are you interested in adding more greenery to your space? Why not start with some indoor house plants?

This guide will describe some of the best house plants to start with. Keep reading to learn more.

The Snake Plant

The irregular pattern on the upright leaves of this plant is what inspired its name. The snake plant is easy to care for. It can thrive in any kind of environment and can live for some time without water.

The plant does best in bright light, but it’ll do just fine if you place it in a low-light room in your home. The snake plant is also great for filtering toxins out of the air. This makes it a great choice to keep in your living room or your bedroom.

The Marble Queen Pothos 

Next on the list of indoor home plants is the Marble Queen Pothos. This is one of the best plants to choose from if you want something low maintenance.

The Marble Queen Pothos will also add a lot of beauty to your home with its heart-shaped leaves and long vines. Place this plant on a shelf so the vines can grow around it.

The Marble Queen can grow with low light and fewer waterings. This is the plant you should add to your home if you’re new to plant parenthood.

The Jade Plant

The jade plant is a popular type of succulent, ideal for growing indoors. It’s said to bring luck to anyone who has this plant, it’s also named the money tree.

The jade plant doesn’t need a lot of water to survive. It’ll stay green throughout the year too.

The plant will live for years with little care. Consider choosing the jade plant as the first indoor plant for your home.

The Paddle Plant 

One of the best indoor plants you should consider for your home is the paddle plant. This cute type of succulent has large, stiff, and round leaves. The tips of the leaves have a pinkish-red color.

The paddle plant thrives best in bright light. Consider placing it on a windowsill in your home so it can receive direct sunlight during the day.

The paddle plant grows best in a dryer climate. You don’t need to water it as much as some other plants for it to grow.

The Monstera Deliciosa

The monstera deliciosa is also called the Swiss Cheese Plant. This beautiful plant has a bright green color and glossy leaves.

It’s an easy plant to care for, making it the perfect choice for decorating your home or workspace. This larger plant has slits in the leaves. This characteristic comes from the heavy rainfall it withstands in its native rainforest home.

The Monstera Deliciosa does best in a larger pot, so it has space to grow. Make sure you put your plant in a bright room that also has some shade. This plant doesn’t require direct sunlight.

The Dracaena Gold Star 

Other types of indoor plants perfect for a busy lifestyle include the Dracaena Gold Star. This low-maintenance plant can adapt to many different environments.

Keep your Dracaena in a low-light room or brightly lit room with some shade. Direct sunlight is the only light environment that can harm this type of plant. It’ll start to burn the leaves.

This tropical plant should also be watered when the topsoil starts to feel dry.

The Modern Bamboo Plant 

Choose a braided bamboo plant if you need a plant that grows best in low light. The bamboo plant is a low-maintenance plant and is said to bring luck and prosperity to your life.

It’s a small plant so you won’t have a problem finding a place for it. Use your bamboo plant to decorate your living room. It makes the perfect centerpiece to bring the room together.

You can also place your bamboo plant on your work desk. This is a great way to add positivity to your environment and something to motivate you while you work.

The Aloe Vera Plant

The aloe vera plant is a prickly and cute plant you can use to decorate a space in your home. The sap from the leaves can also be used to treat sunburns when you need it.

The plant takes about three or four years to grow to maturity. Although aloe plants grown indoors don’t typically grow flowers, you might see flowers after a few years of caring for your plant. The aloe vera plant does best in indirect sunlight.

The String of Pearls 

This is one of the most unique indoor plants in the floral industry. The String of Pearls grows best on a shelf so the vines can wrap down and around the columns.

The beautiful green pearls will grow best in a bright room with indirect sunlight. You only have to water this house plant once a week for it to thrive.

The Rubber Tree

The rubber tree is the perfect indoor plant for the more forgetful plant parents. This plant does better with under-watering than most other plants.

Place your rubber tree in bright light and make sure it has a lot of space around it. This plant also removes toxins from your home.

The Best Indoor House Plants for Your Home

If you’re looking for indoor house plants to decorate your home, this list has some options you might like. The monstera deliciosa can add some beauty to your home. The snake plant can filter the air in your house.

Check out some of the other home and garden blogs on our site for more suggestions.

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