Dental Pain: A Brief Guide of What Causes It and What to Do Next

Despite being a critical component of your health, a third of Americans avoid heading to the dentist for their regular care. It should come as no surprise that many people find themselves suffering from unexpected dental pain. 

If you’ve never dealt with dental pain, then you’re probably struggling to figure out what the source of your pain is. As it turns out, there are many reasons why people experience dental pains. Read on to learn about some of the most common!

Abscessed Tooth

An abscessed tooth is a tooth that has a pocket of pus surrounding the root of one or more teeth. Not only is this an incredibly painful condition, but it also means that you have an infection.

Abscesses are caused by anything from eating too much sugar to poor dental habits. If you’re experiencing stabbing pains, throbbing, and sensitivity, then it’s possible that you have an abscess.

Abscessed teeth cause a significant amount of pain, and they often require emergency dental treatments. Not all dentists provide emergency care, however. Be sure to ask if your dentist is available for emergencies when choosing a new dentist.

Wisdom Teeth

With the exception of a select group of people, pretty much everyone has to deal with their wisdom teeth growing in at some point in their lives. Wisdom teeth are very large, however, and they can cause a lot of issues when they come in, especially if they’re impacted.

Symptoms of wisdom teeth pain include pain at the back of your jaw, pain behind your molars, and sensitivity to the touch. You’ll probably notice this pain comes on gradually intensify as the teeth continue to come in. Speak to your dentist about how to soothe dental pain from wisdom teeth until you can get them removed.

Cracked Teeth

Teeth are strong, but even the strongest teeth can chip or crack. Cracked teeth are typically caused by biting down on a piece of food that is too hard. You might not even know that you have one until you begin to notice pain while biting or chewing.

If you believe you have cracked or chipped a tooth, it’s important to visit a dentist to get it fixed right away.


Cavities are easily one of the most common forms of dental pain. Cavities are formed when a tooth begins to decay. They typically start small and get worse if they’re left untreated.

If you’re noticing that your teeth are suddenly sensitive to hot and cold temperatures, or you’re having pain while chewing, then it’s time to see a dentist.

Are You Struggling with Dental Pain?

Dealing with dental pain is difficult, especially when you can’t get in to see a dentist right away. There are many ways to soothe dental pain, but the best way to manage it is to prevent it altogether. Make sure to brush and floss daily and visit your dentist twice per year for your annual cleanings.

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