7 of the Top Benefits of Sobriety From Alcohol: An Inspirational Guide

In the United States, 1 in 2 people has at least one drink every month. About 1 in 4 people engage in binge drinking every month.

While occasional binge drinking may seem like a harmless affair, for some, binge drinking recreationally evolves into binge drinking habitually, and that habit can be hard to break.

If you’ve developed the habit of drinking to excess and now are trying to find a way out of that lifestyle, you may be wanting to inspire yourself by looking over the benefits of sobriety. Sobriety is a wonderful thing that gives people fuller lives than those that put drinking at the center of their existence.

Keep reading to learn more about what ditching alcohol can mean for you.

  1. Opportunities Start Presenting Themselves

Every morning you wake up, there is a world of possibilities that lay at your feet. Unfortunately, those possibilities can be hard to see, even when you’re sober. Seeing opportunity when you’re in an alcohol-induced haze is nearly impossible.

Not many people drink to be productive. By freeing yourself from the grips of alcohol, you open your mind, sight, and possibilities in a way that you allow every day to be the day where you find that new job, lover, friend, or hobby!

  1. Your Relationships Get Real Foundations

Many people that drink do so for its positive social implications. How deep is your relationship with your drinking buddies though? Are you able to have fun without alcohol paving the way? What do you know of their lives sober?

We’ve found that many people that are struggling with alcoholism are enabled by others that are struggling. These people are considered friends but almost always the relationships these friends have are surface-level.

By removing drinking from the equation, you’ll find the ability to learn who the people you associate with are and vice versa. That can make for an enlightening experience that could lead to terminating relationships or could lead to deep, lifelong friendships, that have incredible implications for the rest of your life.

  1. You’ll Feel Less Sick

Binge drinking isn’t something that most people feel supports their health. On the contrary, when you binge drink, you set yourself up for headaches, stomach pain, nausea, uncomfortable bowel movements, and other harrowing symptoms.

With all of that pain, it’s no wonder why drinkers tend to not embrace life. After all, when you’re worried about vomiting or are experiencing intense migraines, going out on a long walk or hitting the gym won’t sound like fun things to do.

If we’ve learned anything in 2020, it’s that health is important. By living sober, you’ll better support yours.

  1. You’ll Look a Lot Better

One of the benefits of sobriety that a lot of people don’t bank on is how much better they’ll look when they’ve stopped drinking. If you ever meet someone that did a stint at Dana Point Rehab or another well-loved institution, they can show you that after getting help, they probably realized a healthy weight, enjoyed a clearer complexion, maintained better hygiene, and more.

For many of us, our confidence emanates from how we look. If you could use a confidence boost, getting sober could give you the lift you need.

  1. Money Will Become More Abundant

Financial well-being is another one of the key reasons to get sober! Think about it – when you add up all of the money you spend on alcohol in a year, how much do you spend?

$8 for a six-pack, 5 times per week, multiplied by 52? That’s around $2000 and for many, doesn’t even scratch the surface of the expense they incur drinking.

If you can think of productive ways to spend $2000+, stop pouring that money down the drain and start investing it in living a fuller life.

  1. Loved Ones Will Worry Less

Some people that are exploring the benefits of sobriety find inspiration in helping those around them rather than helping themselves. If that’s the case for you, know that there is almost certainly somebody out there that loves you and is worried about your well-being due to your relationship with alcohol.

By choosing to get sober, you choose to give a loved one a better night’s sleep and hope that you’ll cash in on the potential you have in life.

  1. Time Flows Back to You

They say that money can’t buy time. That’s true. Making better decisions, however, can.

All of the hours that people waste drinking may very well add up to years of moments, lost. By getting sober today, you make a choice that’ll pull that time back into your till so you can spend it on more valuable things.

Vacations with family. Learning a language. Finding love…

We won’t tell you how to invest those additional hours, just know thought that the sky is the limit!

These Benefits of Sobriety Are Not Comprehensive

We’ve shared with you 7 stunning benefits of sobriety that we think should be enough to catalyze you towards a better life. If you’re thinking about those benefits and still aren’t convinced, know that what we’ve shared just scratches the surface.

Talk to other people that are in your position, ask them about the differences they enjoy when they compare their sober life to a life where they were drinking or using. We’re willing to bet that they’ll outline some compelling difference for you that’ll catalyze a change in your mindset.

For more information on health and other lifestyle topics, check out more of the latest content we have available on our blog.

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