How to Get Rid of Mice Permanently

For many homeowners, it feels like mice just keep coming back. No matter how hard they try, the little rodents find a way back into the home. 

The key to getting rid of mice – for good – is to be persistent and to exclude the house from additional mice. Keep food out of reach, set lots of traps, and don’t give up! 

The following lists the steps you need to follow to get rid of mice permanently. If you need help, reach out to Pest Control Lakefield or another professional near you. 

1. Deep Clean the Kitchen 

Mice are attracted to places where they can find food. Before you set any traps, deep clean the kitchen and anywhere else you eat or store food. Vacuum thoroughly, reaching behind appliances and cleaning the tops of your cupboards. Get rid of every crumb and clean up every bit of grease. The cleaner, the better. 

2. Tidy Up the House 

Getting rid of clutter helps to create space around the house, which deters mice. As prey, they like cluttered rooms where they can crawl around, out of sight. So, remove items from the floor and put things away. Get rid of anything you don’t require and stay organized. Tidying up will scare the mice away while helping you to set traps and keep an eye on the situation.   

3. Seal Entry Points

Professionals in pest control suggest that you seal entry points to prevent any more mice from entering the home. Examine your home’s exterior very closely and search for anything that could fit the tip of a ballpoint pen. A hole this size can fit a mouse. 

Add weatherstripping to your doors and make sure that your window screens are in good shape. Then, seal any cracks you find in the frames with caulking. Seal cracks in the foundation with epoxy and wall vents should be covered with galvanized steel mesh. You can also close the gaps between your soffits with caulking. Steel wool can be used to fill larger holes.

4. Set Lots of Traps 

This is so important when it comes to mice. Infestations often consist of several dozens of mice. If you don’t trap enough of them at a fast enough pace, you won’t be able to catch up with them. Set lots of traps in areas of mouse activity, up against the walls or against the back walls of your kitchen cabinets. 

If you don’t want to deal with mice that have died, check out hands-free electronic traps and multi-catch traps. If using live traps, make certain that you check them every day, so you don’t starve the little critters. Bring live traps outside, as soon as you catch any mice. Always clean your traps before reusing them. Visit here for Dog Traps Victoria.

5. Use the Right Bait 

One common mistake people make when getting rid of mice is to put too much bait in their traps. Use only a pea-sized amount of peanut butter, cheese, gumdrop, or jerky. When applying the bait, put on a pair of gloves, as well. You want to avoid putting your scent on the traps. 

Check your traps every day and be sure to before throwing out mice, spray them with a disinfectant in the garbage. Disinfect traps before re-using them to remove germs and odors. 

6. Maintain the Yard 

Mice come from outside, so it’s critical that you maintain the yard. Apply the same principles you would to the interior of the home. Restrict food sources and eliminate hiding spots by grooming the yard on a regular basis. Mow the lawn, pull weeds, trim back your shrubs, and move things away from the confines of the house, like firewood.  

Switch to a hanging suet feeder that you can hang far away from the house. Clean your garbage cans every now and then and secure them with bungee cords. Finally, you should protect your vegetable garden with row covers to keep mice out. 

7. Don’t Give Up 

Getting rid of mice takes patience. There might be a lot more mice on your property than you thought. Keep setting traps and checking them every day. When you stop hearing or seeing any mice, don’t stop just yet – leave traps out for another month or two. Mice will sometimes quiet down when they have a new litter to take care of. 

8. Hire an Exterminator 

When all else fails, hire an exterminator. It will cost you a little money, but many companies offer warranties with their service. This means that they are determined to get rid of the problem for you. If mice come back, you can call up the exterminators and have them re-treat the issue for free. 

An added benefit to hiring an exterminator is that they can identify the causes of your problem. A professional may also point out some entry points that you missed, and they can block them off for you. Look for a pest control company that offers pest-proofing services in addition to removal. Pest-proofing yields permanent results.  

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