Tips To Remodel Your Kitchen, Bathroom, and Basement

Kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodeling project is a hard task to do. Indeed, you need a help from the expert make sure everything runs well. A specific service such as RemodelingExpo is able to help you to complete the task. Besides, home remodeling & renovation guide can solve your problems. Before that, let’s talk about what you can do with your old kitchen and bathroom to make it looks fresh.

Kitchen Remodeling Idea

By remodeling the kitchen or bathroom in the best design, you can make the room looks brighter and even larger than the actual size. So, you don’t need to afraid if you only have a small kitchen or bathroom because the best models can a significant impact.

Open Kitchen

For example, you can remodel your old kitchen design into an open kitchen model. An open kitchen is a solution for a small or medium kitchen to make the area looks larger and brighter. To achieve this idea, you need to remove the right wall.

Moreover, you also need to choose the best countertop, lighting, and kitchen sink which the same with the theme and ambient you are expected.

Island Focal Point Kitchen

You can also turn out the old kitchen into an Island focal point. The purpose of using this design is to make your small kitchen becomes bigger and more functional kitchen. The key to this design is the way you choose the best counters and its properties for the kitchen.

A Kitchen with More Storage

The unique way is by adding more storage in the kitchen. Instead of using an ordinary kitchen cabinet, it will be a great option if you take a big and tall wall cabinet. As the result, you will have more storage in the kitchen and you can use to keep all the important utensils and tools you need.

Bathroom Remodeling Idea

This is the same case with the bathroom remodeling project. You have to choose the best remodeling idea, so it works to turn out your old and small bathroom into a new, large, and fresh bathroom just like what you are expected.

Remodel the Shower Size

Let say, you have to know the trick to increase the shower size as well as to make it more interesting to see. Indeed, you must choose the best materials to complete the project and then enjoy the result long lasting. You can take clear heavy frameless glass, curbless shower pan, or no shower door or an open entry shower room.

Change the Vanity

There are specific things you can do such as changing the vanity, adding some mirrors, choosing the best counters, and many more. At the same time, you must choose the best model for the furniture and accessories.

Let say, it is better not to use a full wall mirror, cabinet door, or seated makeup area. Instead, you may choose to put a cabinet drawer, framed mirror, and on-counter cabinet. It takes time and energy and you need a help from the expert such as

Apply Free-Standing Renaissance Design

Applying a specific theme for the bathroom such as a free-standing Renaissance is also a good option.

Most people love to apply this theme due to its elegant sensation and function. Just imagine that you are using an affordable bathroom tub and you get a beautiful bathroom at home.

The problem is that this theme is not for all types of bathroom. Just make sure that your bathroom is suitable for Renaissance design, so it doesn’t look weird.

Basement Remodeling Idea

Remodeling basement seems to be the hardest project you have to do. Sometimes you don’t know what to do to change the old room into a new and interesting to see room, right? You can take suggestions from an expert. Check it out for suggestions.

Apply a Wide-Open Space

One of the possible options is by remodeling it into a wide-open space basement. This type of basement is perfect for those who want to have a personal home theater, family room, or a comfortable place to spend your free time with your beloved family.

Just put a big television along with a home theater set there. You may use a large French door to welcome anyone who wants to enter the basement. Even, you can add a kitchen space there to make it perfect, so you can enjoy the free time while eating delicious meals.

Create a New Room

The other possibility is by creating a new room in the basement. In specific, you can create a comfortable and cozy guest room there. You can add a bedroom, bathroom, and living room to welcome your lovely guest in your best service.

You may use glasses door and windows to make the room looks brighter and comfortable. Serving something to eat or drink is always important to do and instead of going too far, just create a small kitchen there. Now, you have a multi function basement. You can take help from Phoenix Home Remodeling.

Create a Room for Children

Creating a room for children is also a good option to turn out your useless basement into something valuable. You can turn the basement into a playroom, craft room, a place to play a video game, or many more if your children can have fun with you or their friends there.

You just must install some smart devices there. Don’t forget to put some tables, chairs, and any kind of properties which can be used to create some artistic products. It is also great to have a small kitchen there, so you can cook some meals for them.

The bottom line is that it seems impossible to decide everything alone. You need to find an expert who gives you valuable advice during the accomplishment of the project. It makes you finish the project fast and even it might reduce the cost.

Just imagine how hard to choose all the details you want to apply to the kitchen, bathroom, and basement if there is no professional helps you. That’s why; RemodelingExpo is trying to facilitate your needs in remodeling your lovely house, especially if you want to improve your kitchen, bathroom, and basement.

Indeed, this is the way how you can make your dream to have a beautiful and more functional kitchen, bathroom, and basement come true. You will have a place to cook delicious meals for your beloved family as well as a place to play or have fun with them. The most important thing is that you can facilitate them with a hygiene bathroom at home.