Kayaking is among the most exciting and popular water adventure sports in the world. It is an incredibly fun way to explore nature while also enjoying the spectacular scenery around. But unlike exercising your legs as you would while hiking or running, kayaking gives your arms an intense workout.

However, there is more to prepping for kayaking than buying a top kayak under 200 dollars or investing in a wetsuit. Among other things, you need to get proper training and pick relatively safe waters for your first kayaking experience.

Here are other vital things you must consider when stepping into the kayaking world.

Get Trained for Emergency Situations

Training for unforeseen circumstances is as critical as training in kayaking. You need to learn how to respond in crisis situations, especially when you kayak on unpredictable white water rapids. You must become familiar with kayaking lingo, rapid water safety, and how to rescue a fellow kayaker. 

Also, it is imperative to invest in solid lifejackets and buoyancy aids. You can bring maps along, but ensure to check the forecast before embarking on the adventure, as rains may cause inconvenience and heighten challenges for first-timers.

Buy the Right Kayak

It is not true that you must splurge a huge amount of money on a kayak. You can buy a top kayak for under 200 dollars as well. Look for features such as stability, weight capacity, adjustable seating, quick inflation and deflation, reasonably sized cockpit, and puncture resistance, among other things. 

Also, get a recreational kayak depending on the waters you wish to take on. For instance, if you are about to set off on a lake, a flatwater boat makes more sense than a narrow race boat. Sit-on varieties are better suited for beginners as they are easier to paddle and more stable.

Invest in Appropriate Clothes

You should never make the mistake of wearing clothes depending on the weather. For instance, deciding to wear thin, comfortable summer clothes because it’s warm would not be a wise thing. That’s because although it is summertime, the waters could be ice cold. So, if you fall in, which is possible with amateurs, you will feel a sudden chill run through you if you aren’t in a wetsuit.

Correct Posture and Use of Paddle

Research indicates that paddling and kayaking on the ground can improve posture. And, balance is an integral part of kayaking on waters as well. If you fail to sit correctly in your kayak, you will invariably fail at kayaking. You will fall into the water often, and it will take that much longer to learn the sport. 

It is equally critical that you learn various types of paddling. This will help you balance better and maneuver tricky waters with ease. When you have these two basics covered, you can kayak without supervision.

Have a Kayaking Partner

It is always advisable to have a kayaking partner, especially for beginners and those who prefer to paddle at night. That way, not only will you have a helping hand in case of emergencies, but you will also be able to share the joy of kayaking with someone. Even the most experienced kayakers prefer to venture out into known or unknown waters with a team or at least another kayaker.


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