Everything You Should Know About Prenatal Ultrasound

Well, as you are halfway through your pregnancy, you might be excited about the anatomy scan. It’s been performed in between 18 and 22 weeks. It is safe for both mother and baby. While the doctor can be busy on screen, feel free to ask questions during 3D/4D Ultrasound Utah. But before you go for an ultrasound, you must have a little knowledge of everything. To help you out we have jotted some of the things that will make your process easier. Scroll now!

Things To know about prenatal ultrasound before selecting a Prenatal Imaging Center

Prenatal ultrasound is checking the baby’s shape and position through sound waves. Mentioned down below is everything you should know about prenatal ultrasound.

What does it mean?

Prenatal ultrasound is a safe test that shows the images of the baby’s shape and position through sound waves. It is a painless procedure. It can be done in the three-trimester stages of pregnancy. This depends on the healthcare specialist. The test is safe and is totally up to the concerned individual. If you are not sure about the test, you should talk to your healthcare specialist about why it is important for you.

Why is it Done?

Ultrasounds have been extremely rare in the past few decades. They were only done when there were huge risks involved. However, in the present-day scenario, ultrasounds have become common. Ultrasound is known by various other names like a sonogram, echogram, ultrasonogram, etc.

In a prenatal ultrasound, sound waves are used to check the baby’s position and shape in the womb. There are various other reasons one gets an ultrasound for. Some of the reasons are: –

  • To confirm the expected date of delivery.
  • To detect pregnancies outside the uterus.
  • To check the normal growth rate of the fetus.
  • To check the position and shape of the fetus.
  • To check if there is more than one fetus.
  • To guide doctors if other tests are required to be conducted.
  • To find structural problems like down syndrome, anencephaly, etc.
  • To find problems like heart defects, kidney or gastrointestinal problems, etc.
  • To record the heartbeat and breathing of the fetus.

As you can see, there are various purposes as to why a prenatal ultrasound is conducted. It can detect various problems while the baby is in the womb itself. It also shows how the baby is looking and if it is in the right position or not. These various purposes make it a beneficial process.

When is 3D/4D Ultrasound done?

The time of the prenatal ultrasound or the number of ultrasounds required is determined by the healthcare specialist. The first ultrasound is done in the first trimester or during 11-14 weeks of pregnancy. This confirms the date of pregnancy. Ultrasound during the second trimester is usually done around 18-20 weeks of pregnancy. This shows the normal growth rate of the fetus. It can also determine the sex of the baby as long as it is in the correct position.

The third ultrasound is done during the final trimester of the pregnancy. It examines the position of the fetus and the placenta. It also shows if the baby is getting enough oxygen. The baby’s breathing, movement, tone, heart rate, etc., are checked. This test can also determine the amount of amniotic fluid the baby is getting. This is important for the nourishment and growth of the baby.

These were some of the important things that one should know about prenatal ultrasound. This information will be important to you for choosing the best Prenatal Imaging Centers in Utah. It will help you take the necessary steps and appoint your doctors in a way that you are most comfortable in.

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