First aid for methamphetamine overdose.

First aid for methamphetamine overdose If symptoms of methamphetamine overdose appear, the victim is gastric lavaged, causing vomiting if he is conscious. He can be offered to drink water, bring down the heat with a wet wrap.

Be sure to speak in a calm voice, offer to sit down, provide fresh air. If the patient has confused consciousness, one should not try to force him to drink, rinse the stomach; in a serious condition, they must call a narcologist to detoxify the body.

The doctor, according to the indications, can supply the victim with a dropper with a saline solution to eliminate dehydration and restore water-salt balance. At high temperatures, heart rhythm disturbances, confused consciousness, treatment is prescribed to prevent coma.

Tweakers Life span

One dose of methamphetamine takes more than 11 hours of life, which, added together, with moderate consumption, takes more than 40 years of a drug addict’s life. And yet why do tweakers drink milk?

Under the best living conditions, medical care, people taking this drug do not live longer than 8-12 years from the beginning of use. The life of a drug addict is reduced under the influence of the drug itself, dangerous toxic impurities in handicraft brews, overdose. Dangerous infectious diseases acquired through a syringe shorten the years of a drug addict’s life: HIV, AIDS.

In AIDS, the virus is transmitted through a syringe that is used multiple times by different people. The virus destroys the immune system, making a person defenseless against pneumonia, tuberculosis, intestinal infections.

The HIV virus is transmitted sexually and through a syringe, and you can get it from a cut through the blood. With HIV infection, diseases of the lymphatic system occur more often, hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections occur.

HIV and AIDS-infected people are much more seriously ill, the risk of death in diseases such as pulmonary tuberculosis, pneumonia is much higher. And if we consider that the risk of contracting through a syringe in a drug addict is 85%, it becomes clear why drug addicts do not live long.

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