Flooded With Regret: Why You Should Never Attempt DIY Plumbing Repairs

Do you get a rush when you scan your grocery store’s club card or use a bunch of coupons and watch the total steadily fall? Saving money on a purchase is an amazing feeling. If there’s a way to pay less money for something, we’ll capitalize on it. 

However, the one time you shouldn’t do that is when you have plumbing problems. 

Your home’s plumbing is an intricate system. When trying to tackle plumbing repairs yourself, you can put your plumbing system and home at further risk. Here are some ways DIY plumbing repairs can exacerbate your problems.

You May Violate Your City’s Plumbing Codes

Plumbing is one of the most vital resources in your home. Since this system is so important, cities have plumbing codes to help ensure everything works as it should. If you don’t know your city’s plumbing codes, there’s a good chance that you will unknowingly violate them. 

If a city worker has to inspect your home at some point, or you try to sell it, you can incur fines.

Unfamiliarity with plumbing codes can cause other issues as well. Drains may not drain properly if there is improper venting. You can also contaminate your water due to backflow issues. 

A plumber will be up-to-date on your city’s latest codes, so their installations will be correct every time. 

Your Plumbing Repairs May Cause Flooding

A blockage in your pipes may cause flooding. If you discover there’s a blockage, it may lead you to think it’s as simple as removing the blockage. 

In some cases, the blockage may be farther down the pipes, which will be inaccessible to you. If you try to reach it, you may end up damaging your pipes. Damaged pipes can cause flooding, which will compound the issue and potentially damage your home. 

There are also other reasons for flooding, like invading tree roots. This complex issue is next-to-impossible for anyone without plumbing training to tackle. 

Your Insurer May Not Cover Potential Damage

Insurance companies are not receptive to DIY plumbing repairs. If you cause damage to your home while trying to fix something yourself, your insurer may reject your claim. It can get worse if you live in an apartment or condo and damage a neighbor’s unit.

You May Use the Wrong Type of Pipe

Pipes come in different sizes with different connections and valves. The wrong type of pipe in the wrong place can be disastrous. Pipe materials react differently when water and other materials flow through them.

The wrong type of pipe can cause leaks and may eventually corrode. They may also be more prone to clogs, water pressure issues, and bursting. 

Your Comprehensive Magazine to Life

Plumbing issues can be costly to pay for, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. DIY plumbing repairs can lead to you paying even more money than you would have for a plumber. Your endeavors can cause flooding, damage your home, and net you fines for violating city codes. 

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