Getting High on Thai Food

Thai cuisine is rich with lots of tastes and flavors. It is impossible to taste all the delicacies of Thai with all the variations all over even in a month. But if you are out and are having a craving for great oriental food then Thai should be on the top of the list. Foodora has done a lot of homework on the Thai food and has come up with some great restaurants in the vicinity to get the best Thai food. Since they are fully operating in only three regions Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, only data from these three places are available.

  1. Sydney

Chat Thai Haymarket, Pepper seeds broadway, Pochana, Thai Riffic Noodle bar, 3 Mama Chef’s Restaurant, Bamboo Thai, Blue Elephant Thai, Chat Thai Manly Lunch, Chat Thai Westfield, Chilli home Thai, GU Thai Studio kitchen and It’s time for Thai Haymarket. Visit here to enjoy Best Indian Takeaway Boronia.

  1. Brisbane

Giant’s mum cafe, pawpaw, Kasalong Thai, Mama Thai, Michael’s Oriental Restaurant, Phat elephant, Siam samrarn, Spicy I’m Thai, Thai tasty kitchen, Thai Wi Rat, Siam South bank and Full moon bar and restaurant

  1. Melbourne

Mio Locale, Tom Yum Addict, 1000 wat, Oneyada Thai cafe, Ghin kopi Thai food,  Lanna Thai, Phat fusion, Thai Ayo-Thaya, Thaiger, Thaiger Rabbit, Thai food to go Windsor and Jing Jai Thai.

However, this is just a fraction of the list. More information is easily accessible from their website and app. Users can order Thai food online from any of these restaurants and many more present in their database.

Delivery Charges

The delivery charges are present for most of the restaurants. They charge their customers in order to maintain the quality of the service. They always deliver within 30 minutes. No other delivery app guarantees that. However, there are many more restaurants for which there are no delivery charges. The order will be delivered to your doorstep absolutely free of cost. You can, however, choose to tip the delivery agent as per your will. The best part is, they maintain the 30-minute deadline for all the paid and free deliveries. The delivery charges and everything else is shown properly on their website and app. The clear breakdown of charges builds trust amongst the users and the management.

Easy Fin

Finding restaurants with Foodora is extremely easy. Just punch in “Thai food” and you can get a list of all the restaurants which serve the menu. Then you can browse through the menus of every restaurant and order for yourself. If you are very well aware of the menu you want to eat, you can enter the menu directly and you’ll have a much more refined search. The app just needs to know what you want to eat and rest will be taken care of by it.

Ordering Thai food, even for someone who has never tasted Thai food before has become very simple. With well-explained menus and well-labelled images, one can take proper decisions on the app itself.

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