Help, My Cat Peed on the Carpet! 5 Tips and Tricks

Do you have a pet cat? What do you do when it pees on the carpet?

As pet owners, it’s part of our responsibility to teach our pets where their bathroom is. However, accidents happen, and carpets are often the victims.

Cat urine is extremely pungent and can leave invisible stains. Once you find the affected area, you need to act fast. Want to know the best way to clean cat urine and save your carpet?

Read on to discover tips and tricks to clean cat pee on the carpet.

  1. Use Black Light

A cat prefers to urinate in hidden areas, corners, or against borders when not in the litter box. If you can’t find the affected area, get a hand-held backlight to locate the urine.

It emits ultra-violet rays that have the same wavelength as biological wastes. Shining the blacklight on an area can expose the bacteria by making it glow. This gives you an easy way to detect cat urine on your carpet.

  1. Different Effective Products to Use

There are many products for odor and stains when your cat peed on the carpet. Some of them are baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and enzyme-based cleaners. Never use products containing ammonia because it’s a component in cat urine.

The high acidity level of vinegar can equalize the alkaline salts in dried urine. A cat’s urine is acidic, and the low pH level of a baking soda can neutralize the odor. Thus, spraying vinegar and sprinkling baking soda can remove the unpleasant odor.

Hydrogen peroxide provides an oxidizing ability that can remove pigments on a surface. You can mix it with dish soap in a spray bottle to remove pet stains on the carpet. Apply the solution after sprinkling the baking soda.

Applying an enzyme-based cleaner makes it easy to remove carpet stains and odor. The enzymes kill the bacteria in the urine. You can find these cleaners in hardware or grocery stores.

  1. Cleaning Fresh Urine

Prepare paper towels, a wet or dry vacuum, and a cleaning solution. Never use hot or warm water to rinse the product because it can set the stain on the carpet.

First, blot as much urine as you can using paper towels. Next, apply your chosen solution to the affected area and extract it after.

Then, rinse the solution with water and blot them again. Repeat the process until you remove the odor and stain.

  1. Removing Dried Urine

You can use the same procedure as cleaning fresh urine to remove dried urine.

Start by locating the stain using a blacklight. Next, soak it with the cleaning solution. Then, use a vacuum cleaner to extract the liquid and rinse it with water.

Ask for help from a professional if you cannot remove the odor and stain after repeating the process. View more on carpet cleaning here.

  1. Prevent Cats From Peeing on the Carpet

Prevention is the best cure. If your cat did this once, you need to take the necessary precautions to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Cats prefer a clean, quiet, and spacious area when they excrete waste.

Get a wider litterbox, place it far from the noise, and keep it clean. Moreover, clean the carpet until there’s no trace of urine left. Cats tend to go back to places they marked with their urine.

What to Do When Your Cat Peed on the Carpet?

If your cat peed on the carpet, you now know what to do. If this is a regular occurrence, consult your veterinarian. Your cat may have some underlying health issues.

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