Hitachi Excavators Are Going Further & Deeper Underground

Hitachi, the Japanese multinational recently unveiled their latest excavator that sports a telescopic arm and is able to reach depths of approximately 21m. A Hitachi spokesperson said that this has become possible due to the Hitachi’s ZX210LC-6 excavator arm which is capable of extending and retracting due to the hydraulic cylinders supported by a series of ropes that enables the excavator to shift soil rapidly. Hitachi was also proud to announce that the ZX210LC-6 is the smallest among the models within its category, being as small as it is and being able to do what it can do, makes mini excavator rental perfect for urban construction projects where space is almost always an issue.

According to the design team, the ZX210LC-6 sliding cab has been strategically positioned approximately 960mm higher than other models and if that is not sufficient, the operator could choose to raise the cab up another 1,300mm. This makes the model more practical in terms of improving visibility for drivers and the safety enhancements that have been installed are above expected benchmarks. Sensors alert operators if the ropes extend too far or snap (warning lights go off) and a buzzer goes off in the event that operators apply excessive pressure when the bucket is resting on the ground. Other new and unique features include the fact that the telescopic arm of this particular model is linked to a rupture valve which eliminates excessive damage to the excavator in the event that the cylinders malfunction.

In a separate press release, Hitachi announced that they released new elevator systems designs targeted at the Gulf and Asia as ‘smart cities’ become more common. The TX Series escalator has been launched in Asia, India, and the Middle East. The new concept is in line with the various standards required and is an enhancement of the less ‘machine room’ concept. This in essence saves a lot of space for the installation of these products meaning the elevators save a lot of space which are generally required for conventional installations. According to the press release, the new concept elevators actually took off in 2016 when negotiations for Thailand were initiated, and by 2018 received orders totaling 10,000 units for China, Asia, the Middle East, and India. These markets have been cited as the biggest markets for Hitachi’s latest products within the spectrum of heavy machines such as excavators, elevators, escalators, power tools, and even drilling equipment.

Hitachi has moved up its game within the construction and heavy machine segment with its latest range of products given the fact that the construction industry is turning around after the pandemic. The company is targeting emerging economies that are hungry for progress, especially in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. The company has made significant headway in these emerging markets especially within the spectrum of the construction industry and excavator hire services with their latest excavators that are not just more versatile, but also offer price advantage for construction companies by consolidating its resources and enhancing business processes.

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