FinsRoyal: 1 Minute Review

FinsRoyal is a crypto trading broker that provides access to 15 of the most popular crypto coins and a few unique useability and education tools. Investors can start buying and selling both key cryptocurrencies (like Ethereum or Bitcoin) as well as some smaller names (like Stellar Lumens or Tron Coin) in just a few clicks.

FinsRoyal’s unique CopyTrader option allows new traders to “copy” professional traders’ buying and selling orders. In contrast, the company’s new FinsRoyal Club feature offers investors a variety of extra education resources and tools. Although FinsRoyal doesn’t provide the broadest possible collection of digital currencies, it is still an accessible and usable solution for novice and experienced users. 

Best For

  • Beginning cryptocurrency traders who want to work with an easy-to-navigate platform
  • Cryptocurrency investors who wish to deal with only the most popular cryptocurrencies
  • Investors who wish to practice their transactions using a demo account before entering the cryptomarket


  • A simple solution that is easy to master
  • CopyTrader option that helps new traders to copy the top-performing strategies used by crypto professionals
  • Virtual demo account that gives you virtual $100,000 to practice transactions 


Only 15 major crypto coins available to trade

FinsRoyal Pricing    

Like many cryptocurrency trading solutions, FinsRoyal crypto fees are not higher than the spread – the difference between buying and selling prices when you trade. It’s a fee collected by the company in exchange for carrying out your trade. FinsRoyal fees include a percentage fee based on the cryptocurrency you are trading, and you do not need to pay any type of fee beyond this spread. Users will also be charged a single spread when buying the asset, which is adjusted when they sell. It means that if traders lose a significant amount of money on their trade, they will be refunded a percentage of their spread. It is a feature that other cryptocurrency brokers don’t provide.

FinsRoyal charges a percentage commission that depends on cryptocurrency. Usually, this spread ranges between 0.75% and 2.5%.

Why Choose FinsRoyal Over Others?

What is FinsRoyal, and why should you do your crypto trading there? Traders can filter through quite a lot of data in this FinsRoyal review, but you need to keep in mind what this solution does for you that makes it much better than others. FinsRoyal provides several advantages to traders, including:

Virtual crypto trading practice

A continuously moving crypto market means you wish to practice your crypto trading strategy before making your first order. FinsRoyal is one of the only crypto exchanges we’ve seen that offers virtual demo accounts for digital currencies. 

CopyTrader function and insider trading info

FinsRoyal unique CopyTrader feature allows investors to “copy” the moves of orders made by professional crypto traders. It provides a win-win solution for both professionals and copiers. Social crypto trading is much more efficient than guessing, doing it alone, or attempting to DIY a brand-new approach. In addition, followed users get a commission when they are copied, encouraging them to make profitable operations. New traders receive better guidance when making their first orders. With FinsRoyal’ copy trading, you will learn as you invest.

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