Best-Selling Winter Tires: 5 Top Variants for Drivers

Cold season is a real challenge for many drivers. The roads are going to be covered with snow and ice. That is why each ride becomes riskier than in summer, autumn, and spring. To avoid accidents on the road, it is recommended to think of high-quality winter tires in advance. This is a must-have planning routine for drivers who are for safety and convenience during snowy and icy seasons. 

Promote a habit to choose good winter tires several months before winter and its first frosts and snowfalls. This is like having contacts of reliable local locksmiths for car key replacement or mechanics for time-consuming repairs. Be ready for the selection of the best-matching winter tires even in summer. You can find one of premium quality at an affordable price with good discounts. But be sure that you can store winter tires properly. 

If you do not want them to lose their elasticity and grip properties, it is better to find a storage place free from temperature bouncing and too-wet conditions. The rubber, even with silica compounds, can be sensitive to sunny weather or cold. That is why you should think of a protective covering and a moderately ventilated place for winter tire storage. Do not place them somewhere open air as well.

Top 5 Winter Tires to Choose: Most Drivers Select Them 

It goes without saying that new models and updated versions of bestsellers hit the market every year. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular winter tires many drivers opt for during cold seasons. You can find both affordable and premium-quality ones in the list of top products.

1 – Bridgestone Blizzak WS90

If you remember the previous model of this brand, this is the updated WS80 winter tires to take into account. Most features are improved in comparison with the WS90 predecessor. Among the most beneficial changes and updates are the highly durable tread pattern. These winter tires demonstrate high-level grip properties as well.

Additionally, the price is quite affordable for many drivers. This variant will serve for several cold seasons for sure. That is why it can become your long-term investment. The only weak spot some car owners mentioned is the noise rate of the Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 winter tires. If this negative factor does not matter to you, you are lucky to find the best-matching model for your automobile for frosty and snowy weather.

2 – Nokian Hakka R3

The Nokian winter tires are a real example of the highest Finnish quality. If you would like to purchase the premium product of this brand, Hakka R3 is a perfect match. There are no limits for your driving if we speak about Nokian winter tires. Even heavy snowfall with firm ice and deep snow are about zero challenges for this model. The Hakka R3 tires find grip on any surface.

Among other key features of this bestseller on the market are:

  • Aggressive tread pattern;

  • Fully resistant rubber with quality silica compound;

  • Highly durable tires for any road and temperature degrees.

It is worth mentioning that Nokian tires are resistant to temperature bouncing. That is why the storage conditions are rather flexible. But always store any rubber products in well-ventilated premises but not open air!

3 – Michelin X-Ice Snow Tires

This brand is well-known among all the drivers in the world. Michelin winter tires are very reliable. They are made of high-quality rubber. That is why all the grip properties and resistance to severe weather conditions are on the top level. The X-Ice Snow model is notable for its brilliant ice braking. Plus, these tires perform well in cold seasons when roads are dry.

4 – Dunlop Winter Maxx

This variant will be loved by people who confide only tested winter tires. The last testing session demonstrated the wonderful performance of this Dunlop-branded product. The asymmetric tread pattern is responsible for noise-free drives even over the most aggressive surfaces on snowy and ice-covered roads.

One more advantage of this model is its affordability. In comparison with the previous version WM02, the braking performance is also improved. That is why you can purchase winter tires at an attractive price without any risk to your safety onboard in the cold season.

5 – Viking Contact 7

If you prefer smooth driving and are not going to perform risky maneuvers on icy roads in winter, Viking tires are a good choice. They are made of very flexible rubber for quiet and safe braking. The covering material of the Viking Contact 7 contains the compound of canola oil. This way the performance of these winter tires is great even in severe weather conditions.

This model does not lose its properties even in extreme cold. Plus, the Viking brand is for environmentally-friendly materials to use for manufacturing the tires. One more distinctive feature of the Contact 7 model is its unique tread pattern. It is very voluminous and sharp-edged to provide snow traction of the highest quality.

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