Your Guide to Purchasing the Right Floor Scrubber

Commercial or industrial floor cleaning has evolved from the mop and bucket model to the use of highly versatile scrubbing machines. It has facilitated the companies in saving a lot of money on maintenance costs. However, choosing the right floor scrubber can be challenging as the machine must meet all your cleaning requirements and suit your space layout and space type. So, a simple guide is provided here to help you select the right equipment that would increase your business efficiency and save costs.

Consider Floor Type

Most commercial scrubbers can clean any floor, but all brushes are not suitable for every type of flooring. Hence, the choice of your scrubber must be based on specific facilities. As such, the industrial scrubbing machine with stiff-bristled brushes would be the best choice for outdoor concrete surfaces that are prone to thick and tough grime. 

Hardwood flooring needs to be treated differently than concrete to prevent scratches and marks. Hence, scrubbing machines with softer brushes need to be used there. Also, you must ensure that excess water or wet residue does not sit on the floor as it may cause permanent damage.

Vinyl flooring also needs to be cleaned carefully to prevent excess liquid from sipping into seams and causing peeling. Meanwhile, tiles require deep cleaning, which is best done with a scrubbing machine with soft and fine bristles that removes the dirt and prevents scratches on the surface. 

Size of the Facility

The size of your facility determines the kind of scrubber you need. And if the machine is too large for your facility, it might not fit around the equipment or the aisles. Meanwhile, if the device is too small, it could take longer hours to clean. Also, you need a large and powerful scrubbing machine if your facility is wide open. 

Another factor you should consider is the width of the doorways and hallways. For example, if you are cleaning tighter spaces or around equipment or the kitchen, you need a highly maneuverable scrubber having wand attachments. 

The time to scrub the floors also depends on the cleaning path size, so it is essential to take correct measurements of the cleaning path. In addition, you should also pay attention to ensuring that the squeegee size is ideal for the region where the scrubber needs to be used.  

Disk or Cylindrical

You can configure a floor scrubber in a disk or a cylindrical machine. As such, a disk machine has a variety of pad and brush options available that makes it fit for use on multiple surfaces. And disk configured machines are very powerful with high down pressure that is ideal for cleaning soiled floors.

A cylindrical machine is an ideal choice in a manufacturing unit or warehouse. It has a scrub head containing two cylindrical brushes. Such a scrubber would allow you to skip pre-sweeping as the debris hopper is designed to clean larger debris effortlessly. 


Floor cleaning machinery requires regular maintenance to ensure a high trade value and longevity. While the cost of maintenance varies, you can budget for preventive maintenance to reduce the cost of maintenance. And when floor cleaning equipment is maintained regularly, minor issues are detected and fixed immediately, saving a lot of cost in the long run. 

You must clean the machine after every shift. Also, make sure you empty all hoses and tanks so that water does not remain in the machine. You must not keep the devices plugged in at all times and allow the batteries to run out.

The choice of your floor cleaning machinery requires a thorough consideration of the points mentioned above to improve your facility’s appearance, productivity, and sanitation

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