Houses for Sale Northern beaches: 5 Ultra-Important Features of Real Estate Agencies

Do you want to sell your Northern Beaches home? The Northern Sydney area is part of the country’s largest city and world-famous for its beaches, surfing, and lighthouses. When selling houses for sale on northern beaches, it’s important to find the best real estate agency to help sell your residence. This is especially critical in capital cities like one for New South Wales (NSW).

Here are some key features:

Purchase Price vs. Guide Price

This is an important factor when picking a real estate agency. A sale price guide provides an estimate of the price a home-seller should expect to sell their particular home for.

Sometimes the purchase price will be lower or higher than this figure. So it’s important to note this is just based on industry standards within the real estate market.

Meanwhile, the guide price is the price the homeowner expects to sell their home for. When picking an agency, it’s a wise choice to select one whose average purchase prices are somewhat higher than guide prices and price guides’ prices.

This makes it more likely you’ll have more funds for your next home’s down-payment if you’re planning to buy a new house.

Days to Sale

Another figure to research is a real estate agency’s average days to sale versus the market average of about 60 days.

Like the purchase price, the average is important because various factors affect how long it takes to sell a home. There are special factors like housing market downturns that might require your property to stay on the market longer.

However, if a company uses innovative methods and tools, it can shorten the average days to sale.

In some situations like relocation plans and new jobs, it’s especially critical to sell Northern Beaches properties as soon as possible. Real estate agencies that can sell homes in an average of one month, for example, can help to cater to homeowners who need to sell their homes faster.


The Digital Age has revolutionized various industries, including real estate. While technology will never replace real estate agents, it can make their work more efficient through tools like databases, the web, and social media.

Every year about half a million private-sector homes are sold in Australia, according to the Reserve Bank of Australia. A technology-based approach can make it faster and easier for real estate agencies to find buyers for units in large regions like North Sydney.

Yearly Statistics

It’s also wise to research an agency’s yearly statistics in terms of factors like:

  • Units sold
  • Completed developments
  • Properties under management

The “bigger is better” rule generally applies in terms of these issues. If a company has well-trained, experienced, and professional agents, then this will boost the company’s productivity, efficiency, and success.

Online Reviews

These have become more important during the Digital Age. In fact, statistics show that 90% of Australians read up to 10 reviews before making a purchase, according to the Australian government.

It’s important to consider third-party reviews such as Google and Facebook. These are respectively, the world’s largest search engines and social platforms. Such sources have more weight than others like niche social platforms, for example.

Once again, you should also consider the average stars for each platform. Read multiple reviews to find out why customers liked or disliked working with a particular real estate agency.

When offering houses for sale northern beaches, the above-mentioned features are some of the most critical ones to look for when picking a realtor. Factors like average purchase price, days to sale, and online reviews are some of the key features to hand over your house keys sooner.

If you are reading this article right now then you are probably trying to sell your house for cash as quickly as possible. Consider contacting some real estate investors with experience.

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