How Athletes Take Care of Their Cars

Precautionary maintenance is a key measure involved in taking care of a car. Many athletes have stretched the boundaries of purchasing exotic cars that could be hard to find. Just like any other cars, they definitely require maintenance to stay in good condition and for as long as they can. This article will inform you on how athletes take care of their cars.

Car insurance with enough coverage

Athletes will stay eligible to insurance companies that are top rated and of high quality so that they are covered for any accidents and repairs. Cheap car insurance could fail to ensure against all car problems and any damage that could result from an accident.

Maintaining both outside and inside cleanliness of the car

Thorough cleaning of the car at least every month is a vital key to its maintenance. A clean, relaxing feel of the car will also come as a bonus.

It is easy to clean reliable car carpets often and keep dust, sand, and water from getting into the car’s interior. The windshield and headlights also require a regular cleaning.

Checking pressure in all tires every so often (at least every once in a month)

Tires could be under-inflated or even over-inflated which could cause several defects such as blowing out, ineffective breaking and causes instability of the car. Loss of control, which can cause an accident, could be as a result of driving with a flat tire.

Changing engine oil regularly as instructed in the user guide of the car

Changing oil after every 5,000 miles is recommended. The oil acts as a lubricating agent for the moving parts in the engine to reduce friction.

After changing the oil, the tires are rotated to different locations in order to ensure that both the front and rear tires wear out evenly and so they can last longer.

Replacing air filters periodically

This is done to reduce emissions and to prolong the engine’s life.

Replacing every 12,000 miles is upheld. Ensuring a clean air filter enhances proper acceleration of the car and prevents damage that could occur in the combustion chamber. Dirty air filters could easily lead to engine failure.

Inspecting the breaks visually when rotating the tires

Brake pads are replaced to prevent failure of brake rotors. At high temperatures, brake power can be lost and brake pads start to resist this loss causing an unpleasant grinding noise.

Running an antifreeze and coolant through the engine at every 15000 miles

This is done to maintain a temperature balance in the engine. A coolant and antifreeze help to keep the engine working properly in all temperatures without getting overheated or frozen respectively. Overheating kills the gaskets and some seals of the engine, which ultimately leads to oil leakage.

Following the car’s instructions manual on maintenance schedule

Each car comes with a user guide. In case of uncertainties on how to handle any car problem, it does not hurt to consult an expert anytime there is doubt.

Checking spark plugs and replacing them if they have gone bad every 60,000miles

Ensuring that spark plugs are in good shape prevents many expensive repairs that come with the damage of bad spark plugs. They could adversely affect an engine by causing terrible gas mileage.

Covering the car as a way of proper storage

Appropriate car covers for the car while it is parked will provide a shield against bad weather like heavy rains, snow or hot scorching sun. They also protect against damage from corrosive agents which could cause unsightly dings.

 High standard covers reflect dangerous ultraviolet rays from the sun and keep the car’s interior temperatures low. This maintains the car’s finish and paints job.

Athletes will have add-on devices that protect their cars from potential burglars

Taking good care of a car will require the owner to utilize an effective anti-theft system just to help them keep their car. This does not only shut out gadget-wielding bandits but also protects the car from damage.

Many athletes will blow their ‘huge’ payroll checks on lavish cars. It takes proper maintenance and great care to keep these cars in a tip-top condition star.

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