How Dental Implants or Full Dentures Can Restore Your Smile

Do you have cracked or missing teeth? Missing teeth is nothing new as far as Americans go. Interestingly, around 178 million Americans are missing one tooth at the very least. Moreover, 40 million others no longer have all their natural teeth.

Thankfully, solutions like dental implants and full dentures are there to the rescue. However, some are afraid of the possible pain they may experience during the procedure.

Others are asking how much do dentures cost. Nevertheless, these options can help resolve your dental problems.

The question now is do they work? How can dentures and implants bring back the smile you lost? Continue reading below for the answers.

  1. They Look Natural

Using a full set of dentures or a couple of denture implants will look natural when you smile. A reputable dental practice uses modern dental technology and materials to capture the look of real teeth.

If you’re looking to use implants, the latter will blend with your remaining natural teeth. As for full dentures, a good dental practice will also do the same thing. They can mimic the look of natural teeth so you don’t feel awkward whenever you smile.

  1. They Let You Speak Clearly

Another reason why full dentures and dental implants can restore your smile is they improve the way you speak. The gaps coming from your missing teeth can affect your speech. They can give you a hard time pronouncing certain words.

Through dentures and implants, you can effectively fill in these gaps. In turn, you will be able to speak clearly and talk to people more confidently.

  1. They Boost Your General Oral Health

A person with healthy teeth and gums has many reasons to smile. Dental implants and dentures can help boost your oral health. For starters, dental implants don’t harm your remaining teeth.

They use the same support as your natural teeth, which is through anchoring directly in your jaw. Also, they can help reduce other oral health problems. By restoring your natural teeth’ function, you will experience fewer gum problems.

  1. They Help Maintain Your Facial Features

Dental implants and dentures also help maintain your facial features. When you lose your teeth, the lower third of your face will begin to collapse. In turn, you will experience face sagging and premature aging.

A good set of implants or dentures will help improve your facial structure. Learn more here about dentures and their other benefits.

  1. They Allow You to Eat Your Favorite Dishes

Last but not least, you will get to enjoy your favorite dishes without having any problems chewing them. If you’re missing a few molars, dental implants can fill those missing teeth.

Since dentures are securely anchored in your jaw, you will not have any worries about them slipping as you chew your food. As you get to enjoy more good food, you will have plenty of reasons to smile again.

Though implants and full dentures cost a few thousands of dollars, their benefits make everything all worth it.

Extend the Life of Your Implants and Full Dentures

Now that you know the benefits of dental implants and full dentures, your next step is to find a dental practice that can administer the procedure the right way. However, experiencing their benefits is only the start. You need to learn how to maximize them through proper care and maintenance.

Check out our other blog posts where we teach you how to care for your dentures and implants.

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