Four Critical Bicycle Components to Check and Maintain

If cycling is a sport that you have recently embraced, fixing your bicycle may seem quite daunting. You might think that it’s impossible to manage and maintain the different parts of your bicycle. Well, you’re correct to a certain extent, as maintaining a bike is a complex process, and it’s always a good idea to delegate maintenance tasks to professionals. However, you should be sufficiently aware of the significant parts of your bicycle and know if something’s wrong. Ensure that you’re investing in crucial bike parts like handlebars made from cutting-edge RTM technology. Only by purchasing pieces that are strong and durable can you enjoy this sport for a long time.

Here are some of the essential bike components that you should regularly check and maintain.


The chain is undeniably an essential component that converts the body’s force into the rear-wheels spin. Hence, inspecting the chain should be your number 1 priority. You want to look at three critical oddities, rust, stiff links, and chain stretch. Use your fingers to see if the chain is dry and is coated in rust. If so, coat it lightly with some clean oil. 

To check stiff links, assess the chain side-on when you backpedal the cranks using one hand. The links should be parallel to one another. You can easily diagnose chain stretch with your eyes. Use a chain wear tool to ensure that your bike chain is less than 75 percent stretched.  

Brake Pads 

Since the inception of bicycles, the traditional brake system, called rim brakes, has been used to slow and halt the bike. Rim brakes work through friction. A rubber brake pad is placed at the top of the front and rear wheels. The pads push to the rim when you clamp the brake level, thus flowing the motion of your cycle. If you have rim brake pads, check if the grooves in the rubber are visible. If they are not, purchase a new pair. 

Bike parts like brake pads having a special compound for good gripping power and minimal wear are what you should look for. You can buy them online easily. 


Your tire’s grip with the ground is mainly responsible for facilitating you to accelerate and slow down. Check for tire wear by inspecting bald patches on its surface. Also, check if there are any small cracks on the rubber around the sidewalls. If you find your tire having any of the things above, it’s time for you to get a new tire. There’s no way actually to fix them. You can only replace them. You can also look for small bulges on your tire near large cuts. Take out the tire from the rim and carefully check its interior. If you observe cuts, it means that the canvas’s strength is compromised, and you shouldn’t continue using them. 


Cables control gears and brakes. If your cable outers are damaged, or you have rusty inners, it can lead to many problems even if other parts like brake pads and chains are functioning properly. Check for cable wear by inspecting the outer cables. As for the inner wires, they should be silver. If you find them turning brownish or white, it is probably because they are rusty and stiff.

To get the most out of your bicycling experience, it is necessary to check and maintain these critical bike components. Regularly evaluating these parts will make sure that you diagnose any issue with them at the earliest and take corrective measures. 

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