How DNA Testing Can Reveal All Your Secrets

Do you want to fill in the roots of your family tree? Do you love to discover your genetic traits? Or Are you fed up with diet plans that don’t suit you? DNA testing kits can help reveal it all. It helps you to take a detailed view of your ancestry and family heritage. It’s an easy tool to explore your background with home delivery services. Moreover, DNA testing can also help you to discover your health traits and vitamin deficiencies, helping you to follow a personalized diet plan. It is not limited up to here. It also can help you get the cause of your allergic reaction by presenting an allergic analysis to you. Therefore, enabling you to know yourself better than ever before.

Origin And History Of DNA Testing

Throughout the year, several kinds of DNA testing have evolved. However, the origin of genetic testing was in the 1950s, when these were used to count the number of chromosomes per cell. Deviation from the standard number (46 in humans) leads to the diagnosis of genetic disorders like trisomy 21 (Down syndrome) or monosomy X (Turner syndrome).

Categories Of DNA Testing

Ancestry Test

An ancestry DNA test is a genealogical DNA testing that is used to reveal the ancestral links and biological relatives such as a child’s parentage through DNA paternity testing. A genealogical DNA test or Ancestry is a DNA- based test, in which specific locations of a person’s genome are observed. However, this ancestral testing may vary from company to company, as different companies use different ethnic reference groups and matching algorithms.

There are three types of ancestry DNA testing these are:

  • Autosomal (atDNA)
  • Mitochondrial (mtDNA)
  • Y-DNA.

Health Testing

In health testing, DNA testing is used to diagnose or to predict the possibility of a condition. Moreover, it provides information that can be utilized to customize medical treatments for the wellbeing of an individual or for preventing a condition. It helps optimize your daily routine by giving you a scientific path to health insights. You get 80+ in-depth health reports, your DNA will be compared against 148+ genetic markers and the reports will be available in almost 8 weeks. Some companies also offer a money-back guarantee, for not coping up with the mentioned time.

Allergy Test

This test presents you with a comprehensive DNA-based allergy analysis. In this DNA test is done by getting a simple swab of your cheek, 29 genetic markets are analyzed that are key in learning how your body responds to the allergen and other external factors. Get a detailed breakdown of your allergies and sensitivities. Knowing this will help you to understand your body’s reaction towards different allergens along with the potential sensitivities that could affect you in the long term. These cover allergies from almost 13+ allergy reports and 85+ health reports. Therefore, uncovering genetic factors that make your body react differently to some allergens.

One can say that DNA testing is a test that reveals a lot about your health and your ancestry. It presents you with a comprehensive view of your genetic traits and ancestry roots making you more familiar and confident about yourself. Moreover, the DNA kits available with the services of home delivery makes it quite an easy and fun task.

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