How Does Androgen Therapy Work? Uses, Benefits, and Side Effects

Are you confused about what androgen therapy is and how it works? Are you looking to get into androgen therapy, but are unsure about its uses, benefits, and side effects?

Well, don’t worry! We’re here to give all the important information about androgen therapy. Our guide here will help you learn all there is to learn about it.

Before diving into androgen therapy and considering taking it, it’s important that you consult with your doctor first. This is especially true if you’re diagnosed with any conditions for its use as listed below.

If after you’re briefed by your doctor about this, and still want to learn more, then continue reading. We’ve compiled the different pros and cons there are to keep in mind before taking androgen therapy:

What Is Androgen Therapy?

Androgen therapy is more commonly known as testosterone therapy. It’s a form of hormone therapy that replaces androgen hormones or testosterone. Its method of administration can range from injections, creams, patches, and pills.

This kind of therapy works by providing “Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators” (SARMS for short) like Cardarine or testosterone supplements. This is to counter the effects of hypogonadism, which lessens the number of these sex hormones made in your body.

It’s also prescribed to prevent the effects of aging due to a decline in testosterone. These effects can include symptoms like erectile dysfunction, decreasing muscle mass, and strength.

Do you look or feel old every time you look in the mirror? Those who wish to delay these effects may also look into androgen therapy. Talk with your doctor and see if taking testosterone is a valid alternative for you since it varies from person to person.

What Are Its Uses?

As stated above, androgen therapy is mainly used to treat hypogonadism or andropause. To delve deeper, it associates with the decrease of male testosterone.

Unlike menopause for women which is an abrupt process, hypogonadism or andropause is gradual and experienced by only up to 7% of men in their 30s to 60s.

Androgen therapy will help treat symptoms from this such as low libido and increased body fat. It also helps with erectile dysfunction, ejaculation complications, loss of bone mass, and body hair.

Another use of androgen therapy is to treat men with osteoporosis. Osteoporosis causes bones to become weak and brittle. While decreased bone mass can be normal with aging men, osteoporosis is a more extreme case of it where your bones can get fractured with most sudden and harsh movements.

Androgen therapy or testosterone replacement is directly correlated to increasing bone mass. Men diagnosed with osteoporosis are sometimes recommended androgen therapy. This form of therapy also increases body mass and strength which helps reduce falls and fractures caused by osteoporosis.

What Are Its Benefits?

Why do people go for androgen therapy? There are many benefits to increasing your testosterone levels through androgen therapy. Here are a few of them:

Improved Bone Mass

A study shows that androgen therapy helps boost osteoblastic activity. This means that there are more osteoblasts cells, which are the cells that create bones. It also reduces osteoclastic activity, which makes cells that break down the bone matrix.

This improves your bone density and mass by increasing its collagen and proteins. Although it’s unknown if this reduces fractures, it’s proven to help with the growth of your bones.

Decreased Fat, Increased Muscle

Testosterone is responsible for increasing your muscle mass. This is why people use synthetic forms of testosterone like steroids to gain more muscle. People going through androgen therapy have seen a decrease in body fat.

A Stronger Heart

Through the bone marrow, androgen therapy helps with the production of the red blood cell. Testosterone also helps boosts heart muscle contractions which improves blood flow even more.

Having low levels of testosterone is also linked with cardiovascular risks. Research on testosterone replacement showed that men conducting this hormone therapy were 24% less likely to have a heart attack.

Improved Cognitive Functions 

It’s also possible that men taking testosterone can improve their cognitive capabilities, sharpening their mind. This includes broadened processing speed and verbal memory. This may also extend to spatial memory in older men.

Better Mood and Libido

With increased testosterone levels through androgen treatment comes higher sexual arousal. Problems can come up with your erectile function and libido when you’re older because of lower testosterone levels. Androgen therapy helps get fixed through androgen therapy.

What Are Its Side Effects?

Androgen therapy isn’t a wonder treatment as it may still come with side effects. The different ways of administration can also deliver a few side effects too.

For example, patches can sometimes be irritating to the skin. Intramuscular injections can be painful and cause mood swings for some.

But side effects from the treatment itself include things like raised aggressive behavior, decreased testicular size, and sperm count.

Androgen therapy and taking in more testosterone is not recommended for men with prostate cancer. Testosterone may also affect or increase the growth of cancer cells. This belief comes from the fact that the androgen receptors in prostate cancer cells only need a low amount of testosterone to activate.

Try Androgen Treatment Today

Getting a proper diagnosis from a doctor about low levels of testosterone is for sure a must when thinking about androgen therapy. It’s important to know and understand all the details before diving into it.

Be sure to get all the facts that you need because treatment is not needed when you have normal levels. Definitely do not purchase testosterone without a proper prescription. Go to your doctor first if you think you have low levels of testosterone and get a blood test.

We hope that is guide was able to help further your research and improve your knowledge regarding androgen therapy. If you found this article informative and helpful, don’t hesitate to check out the rest of our posts for more great tips.

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