How Long Should a Tutorial Video Be? Your Ultimate Guide

Video has become an integral part of our daily lives. We use videos for our news, entertainment, and learning. That’s why video tutorials have quickly become everyone’s go-to for learning a new skill.

The Best Length For a Tutorial Video?

There is no perfect length that works for all video tutorials.

The length tutorial videos depend on things like what platform you’re sharing your videos on, and what kind of content you’re teaching. For the most part, people prefer shorter videos, but that doesn’t mean you have to make all your tutorials just a few minutes long.

If you want to know how to create the perfect length for your tutorial video, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’re sharing our top tips to get viewers to stop and watch all the way through. Read on to learn more.

Outline Your Tutorial

An outline will help you streamline your tutorial and get prepared for the actual recording. That’s because an outline will go over everything you want to cover. This doesn’t have to be overly detailed, but you should have a good idea of the flow. Starting with an outline gives you an estimate of how long your tutorial will last, and force you to leave behind irrelevant information.

Know Your Audience

It’s not just important to know what you’re teaching; you have to know your audience too. Understanding your audience is crucial to creating the right length of the video. For instance, if you provide content marketing tips, make it quick and easy to understand. But if you’re doing an in-depth Photoshop tutorial, you may need to go longer to provide the information they need.

Stay Focused

It’s easy to lose focus when you’re recording (especially live). You start talking, and then your brain sends you off on a tangent. Unfortunately, this could lead to the viewer leaving your tutorial for another one. Remember, the audience is there to learn. It’s good to be yourself and personable, but not to the point that it’s distracting from the content.

Provide a Preview

It’s always smart to begin your tutorial video with a brief preview. This might seem like it’s taking more time, but it could save your viewers time, and it only takes about 30 seconds. A quick summary will give your audience an idea of what to expect, and it will also help them decide whether it’s relevant to them.

Pace Yourself

Part of finding the sweet spot on your tutorial video’s length is learning to pace yourself. If you’re going to fast, the viewers won’t be able to keep up, but if you’re going too slow, they’ll run for the hills. Find a balance between these points so that your audience stays engaged without feeling lost.

Start Recording Today!

Now that you know how long your tutorial video should be, you’re ready to start sharing your knowledge. As long as you remember to keep it clear, concise, and well-paced, there’s no way you can fail. To learn more about what makes a good tutorial, check out our other blog posts now.

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