How Much Does a Personal Trainer Cost? A Guide to Personal Trainers

There was a time when you had to be lucky to enjoy the services of a personal trainer. However, the last decades have seen meteoric growth in the business. Personal training has gone from being a luxury enjoyed by few to a $10 billion industry in the United States alone. And it’s expected to continue growing with each year.

And it’s not hard to explain the popularity. Trainers provide education, motivation, accountability, and the improved results that come along with them.

But even though trainers have become more accessible, many people still wonder how much does a personal trainer cost? In this guide, we’ll take you through the ins and outs to help explain the expense versus the benefits.

Average Personal Trainer Prices

How much hiring a trainer will naturally vary depending on your location, your requirements, and most importantly, the session length that you want to hire them for. But taking a broad average, you can expect to pay rates along these lines:

  • $25-$50 per 30-minute session
  • $40-$70 per hour session
  • $60-$100 per session

And that doesn’t include home visits. Since most trainers work out of a gym or their own personal studios, asking them to make house calls will usually cost you extra, in the neighborhood of $60-$100+ per hour.

Those prices may make some people balk. However, there are ways to help bring those prices down.

Getting a Better Bargain on Your Training

The prices listed above are for single sessions. But as with most things, you can usually secure a better deal by “buying in bulk”. Basically, most trainers offer discounts if you pay for multiple sessions in advance.

Suppose that you paid for a full month of training, two-hour-long sessions per week for week. On average, that would you between $250-$400, a substantial break from the $320-$560 it would cost to book those sessions individually. And the discounts tend to increase the more sessions that you book at once.

But making a large, upfront investment like that isn’t feasible for everyone. If that’s the case, then your next best option would be group classes.

The average cost of a group class is $35 per session. Basically, you and your classmates are crowdfunding your trainer’s time, bringing the individual cost down. The trade-off is that you’ll understandably get less personal attention, but you still have a professional guide that can help motivate.

On important caveat is that due to the enduring effects of COVID-19, group classes in your area may be more difficult to find than they once were. Fortunately, some businesses like this personal training company have come up with a solution to that problem.

In addition to traditional training sessions, they’ve taken to offering online coaching sessions, either for those with busy schedules or those who prefer the security of home. And they’re not alone, with online coaching programs springing up all over.

Prices vary but are more-or-less what you would pay for an in-person session of equivalent length.

Knowing How Much Does a Personal Trainer Cost Can Help You Make the Right Decision

Knowing what to expect before any big purchase is important. No one likes experiencing sticker shock when the bill comes. But more than that, knowing how much a personal trainer cost can help you make the choice that right for you and your life situation.

And for more on how to find the best fitness solutions for you, be sure to keep up with the latest on health and lifestyle from Daily Magazines.

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