8 Benefits of Renting a Storage Unit During Home Renovation

Home renovation can be pretty exciting but also disruptive. Your life may turn upside down for a while with workers or designers going in and out of the house, leaving you with little or no space for privacy. Whether it is as small as changing the paint in your old house or retiling the kitchen, the hassle of renovation is real. 

Home improvement takes a lot of your time, money, and effort. You need to hire designers and contractors, buy materials, and find an alternative place to live, among other things. It becomes even more difficult when you do not know how to manage all your stuff during a home renovation. 

It can be very risky to start a home renovation without managing your stuff adequately. Even if it is a small job, a renovation becomes a challenge with all the belongings in the house. However, stowing your stuff away in a self-storage unit can help protect your possessions during remodeling.

Self-storage is becoming more popular in the US. In a survey, 38 percent of individuals answered that they have used and will use a self-storage facility. If you are new to the facility, read on to learn some advantages of using a storage service when renovating your house. 

1- Protects Your Stuff from Dust 

Home remodeling involves a lot of scrapping and breaking, leading to chemicals and dust particles in the air. These particles can settle on your couches, furniture, upholstery, and mattresses, making it hard to keep your stuff clean during renovation. Keeping your belongings in a self-storage facility can save you from many troubles. However, finding the right facility can be challenging, depending on where you reside. For example, if you live somewhere around Lewes, DE, you will easily find secure storage Lewes facilities, unlike a town that is not as developed or populated. 

2- Protect Your Belongings Against Damage

Your house may have many delicate things, such as crockery, tables, etc. Breakage is common during a home remodeling project. Even with a carefully planned renovation project, you cannot pay attention to everything. For instance, during renovation, you can expect construction tools like screws and hammers to fall onto your coffee table, breaking it apart. Or if you have people working in the house, they can bump into the table glass. Such damages can be dangerous for the workers and can increase your expense. Therefore, getting a self-storage unit according to your needs can help complete your home remodeling more effectively with less risk of damage. 

3- Helps You Stay Organized

When it comes to a home renovation project, things often get thrown all over your house. Everything gets jumbled in a rush, making it difficult to find the right things at the right time. A self-storage unit can help you keep your belongings organized. If you want your house to look more spacious following the renovation, you can put some of your things in a storage facility even after your home remodeling project.

4- Helps in Clutter Management

Whether you hire a contractor for a home renovation or do it yourself, moving items from one room to another creates a mess in your home. It also makes your living space less functional. This crowded space can also impede the flow of your house remodeling project. Keeping bulky items out of your home can make enough space for comfortable movement. You can get different self-storage unit sizes from your nearest facility as per your needs. 

5- You Are Not Dependent on Anyone

You often depend on your family members or neighbors when it comes to keeping your belongings during a home remodeling. Although it works and is safe, it can become bothersome because sometimes you may not be able to access your things when you need them. They may not be available every time. However, when you keep your belongings in a self-storage facility, there are no such problems, and you can access your unit whenever you wish.

6- Makes Space for Renovation Material

Home renovation often requires many machines and materials. You will need enough space to keep the construction materials. Keeping your furniture and other things out of the house makes space for things such as power tools and paint tubs. 

You can also keep extra material in the rented self-storage unit to keep sufficient space for movement. For example, you might not have enough space in your home to keep all the construction materials if you have bought them in bulk for a home renovation project. Renting a storage unit can help you keep the additional material in the self-storage. You can bring that stuff home once the previous batch finishes.

7- Prevent Your Stuff from Theft

When you hire a team of workers in your home for a renovation project, there is a chance that so many people will be coming in and going out of your house. In this chaos, there is a risk of theft. Even if you trust your designer and contractor, you cannot trust all their team coming with them to your house. Keep your belongings safe in a self-storage facility rather than keeping an eye on everyone coming into your home. Do not forget to keep your precious stuff, such as jewelry, art collections, and electrical appliances, in a storage unit. 

8- Helps You Prepare for An Unexpected Event

Even if you consider everything while planning for a home renovation project, some things are not in your control. One of the issues encountered during home remodeling is potential flooding, particularly in projects involving water or drainage systems, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Some hidden problems might also get uncovered during renovation, such as clogged drains, leaking pipes, water leaks behind the wallpapers, and much more. The pipe burst can cause potential flooding, severely affecting your walls and other items, including furniture.


Home remodeling projects require a significant amount of time and money. From buying materials and hiring contractors to find alternative housing, it can be challenging to manage things together. It gets even harder when you get stuck with your stuff and do not know how to manage them all during renovation. One of the safe and best ways to protect your possessions during a home renovation project is to store them in a self-storage unit. These units help protect your stuff from dust, debris, damage, and theft during renovation. They allow you access to your belongings whenever you need them, and the best thing is that you rely on one. You can rent a self-storage unit according to your needs to enjoy worry-free home remodeling. 

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