4 Common Car Problems (and What to Do About Them)

There were over 14 million vehicles sold in the United States in 2020. Eventually, nearly all of these cars will suffer from some sort of malfunction.

But, what should you be looking out for when it comes to possible car issues?

Check out the most common car problems, and how to resolve them.

1. Tire Problems

Tire problems are one of the most common car issues that can affect you. Of course, a punctured or cracked tire is at least an easy fix. You’ll just have to get the tire replaced.

But, there may be more significant issues with your tires that you might need to look out for. If you feel like your car is leaning to one side, it may not be a problem with your car itself. It may be a problem with your shocks instead. Or, your wheel alignment may be off.

2. Car Overheating

If your car starts overheating, you’ll want to make sure the issue gets addressed ASAP. If your car is overheating, it’s probably a sign of a problem with your engine.

The coolant in your engine may not be circulating properly. Or, your car just may be out of coolant. Check the fluid levels in your car. If that’s not the problem, you’ll want to contact an auto repair company to resolve the issue. 

3. Leaks

Do you see strange substances on your driveway when your car pulls away? Your car might be leaking. But, you should try and identify what fluid is leaking.

If your gas is leaking, it can be a major issue. It’s likely a sign of a cracked fuel line. When the fluid leaking from your car is brown or black, it’s more likely to be oil. Driving a car without low oil issues can permanently damage your car, so make sure you refill your oil as you head to the mechanic. 

If the fluid that’s leaking from your car is somewhat reddish, it could either be fluid from your automatic transmission or from your power steering. For both of these fluids, you can check your car’s levels.

If either seems to be lower than they should be, there might be a repair in the cards for you.

Your car could also be leaking brake fluid or coolant. No matter what your car is leaking, it’s likely to become an issue sooner than later.

4. Brake Problems

Having problems with the brakes on your car can be extremely dangerous. Some brake problems are simple to fix, such as one of the pedals has just been pushed down too far. Others are more complicated.

If you think you have issues with your brakes, look into “mechanic tune up near me” to get the problem resolved.

Common Car Problems? No Sweat

Hopefully now if you suffer from one of these car problems, you’ll be able to overcome them with ease.

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