How to Be Glamorous: 5 Tips for Women

It’s a question that eludes a lot of us, how do glamourous women do it? Some seem to be inherently glamorous and know what to wear at all times. They look good regardless of where they are, and it can be challenging to put your finger on why.

If you’re not one of those glamorous women, don’t worry! Below you can find fashion tips to help you learn how to be glamorous and how to be stylish in any situation. 

1. Always Have Sunglasses

Sunglasses add instant glam, and they make it easy to cover up and dark circles or makeup issues that may arise during the day. It is always good to have an oversized pair on you that work for your face shape.

2. Stick to a Grooming Ritual

Figure out a proper grooming ritual and stick to it. Glamorous women know that it doesn’t matter what outfit you’re wearing; if your hair is messy and your nail polish is chipped, you won’t feel very glam. 

Consider getting regular manicures and pedicures to ensure your feet and hands are taken care of. Wash your hair regularly and blow-dry whenever possible. Add a slight curl to your hair if you want to put some extra energy into your day. 

3. Add Some Red Lipstick 

Bright red lips are one of the best ways to add glam to your day. Figure out what shade would look best for your skin tone and wear it whenever you want to pump up the glam. 

4. Wear Glamorous Jewelry

Statement jewelry is a staple in the glamorous women’s closet. They know what pieces to add to an outfit to stand out. These pieces don’t have to be understated either. You can go bold and chunky if you want, as long as you pair it with the right outfit. 

You can find a few good places online to read more about statement jewelry and how to pick pieces that add oomph to your wardrobe. 

5. Go Minimal With Your Outfits

You do not need to go wild with a bunch of over-the-top designer pieces. Pick a few statement items to go with your wardrobe and build off of that. There is beauty and glam in simplicity.

There are certain events where you can go all out, but if you are going out for a super quick shopping trip to the mall or out for a casual dinner, you don’t need to go on overload. Add simple leather jackets and plain white t-shirts to your wardrobe. Try to add ways to color block outfits, so you look uniform and stylish from head to toe. 

Now You Know How to Be Glamorous!

If you began reading this article wondering how to be glamorous, now you are one step closer to that glam lifestyle! Minimal fashion, statement jewelry, and great skincare can all help you achieve that glam goal. 

Want to know more? Need some makeup tips or want to live a healthier lifestyle? We’ve got all those tips and more on our blog. Check out some other articles to start the path to feeling your best. 

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