Problems With Your Boat Plumbing? Here’s What to Do

When you buy your first boat, you rarely ponder the things that can go wrong. It’s only when things actually go south do you begin to wish you had done more prep. When you’re sailing on the open water with the wind in your face, one of the more unpleasant things that can interrupt your reverie is problems with your boat plumbing.

Fault marine plumbing can be a real pain, but it is usually not too much trouble to fix. If you are one of the many, many Americans who bought their first boat this year, make sure to read this handy guide on how to fix your boat’s plumbing supply. 

1. Leaky Boat Plumbing

If your boat’s plumbing is leaking, there is no need to panic. Chances are that the water that is leaking is just the seawater that is used for flushing. Usually, this is the result of wear and tear, meaning there is little need to call a plumbing service. As the community of recreational boaters at Fathom Bay will tell you, all you probably need to do is replace the seal around the rod that the pump is attached to. This will do the trick 90% of the time. 

2. Calcification

In boats of all shapes and sizes, calcification is a problem. This is largely an unavoidable part of being at sea. However, it can be reduced and removed when it occurs. One of the most valuable plumbing tools you can have aboard your vessel is white vinegar. Simply flush this through your toilet every day, and the calcification should eventually go away. That’s one affordable plumbing tip for you. 

3. Funny Smells 

Nasty smells on your boat can definitely be a buzzkill during your yacht party. There are many reasons why your plumbing could be emitting a foul stench. There might be a pipe leakage that is making its way into the boat instead of being discharged. The reason might also be a buildup of bacteria and organic matter in the plumbing, especially if you haven’t used your boat in a while. You can usually fix this by flushing out your plumbing with a standard chemical cleaner. You can Go for yamaha outboard repair to fix your motor issues.

4. Blockages

Blockages can occur easily in a boat plumbing system simply because the flushing mechanism is not very strong. If you have a blockage, you can try the regular methods and grab the plunger. However, this may not work, in which case your best bet is to either taking the piping apart and fish it out or call professional plumbing services to sort it out for you. Blockages can usually be prevented with regular boat maintenance and cleaning. Also, try to use biodegradable toilet paper and make sure nobody is flushing common toilet blockages down there. 

Live a Life Well Traveled in 2021 

By keeping your boat plumbing in tip-top shape, you can enjoy easier, more relaxing seafaring travel in 2021 and beyond. For more tips on how to live a life well-traveled, we have got you covered. Make sure to read our expertly curated travel tips to make sure your next voyage is smooth sailing. 

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