How to Become Fit and Healthy: The Complete Guide

Less than 5% of American adults participate in 30 minutes of daily exercise.

Physical activity is crucial to our well-being because it reduces the risk of diseases, elevates our mood, and helps with weight management. Luckily, becoming fit and healthy is simple as long as you have the willpower to put in the work.

Don’t worry if you’re struggling to get started, we’ve got your back. Here is our complete guide on becoming fit and eating healthy.

Outline Your Fitness Goals

One of the best tips for getting fit is to have a list of goals to work towards. To figure this out, assess your current fitness level and decide which areas to work on.

But when you’re doing this, avoid comparing yourself to others as it’s terrible for your self-esteem. Instead, write positive statements about yourself so you feel motivated and confident about working out.

You must also create an ironclad plan and break it down into two parts. The first is action planning where you figure out where, when, and how you’re going to achieve your fitness goals. Then, figure out potential obstacles so you know how to tackle these should they arise.

Prioritize Exercise

The key to becoming healthier is to prioritize exercise. Many of us are equipped with excuses such as having too little time, so schedule 30 minutes a day for exercise in your calendar so you’re more likely to commit to it. And don’t forget to set an alarm!

Don’t worry if you can’t dedicate a chunk of your day to working out. Instead, divide it into smaller increments. For example, do a 10-minute yoga flow in the morning and then a 20-minute evening run.

If you struggle with this, then follow the four-day rule for more flexibility. This is when you have a maximum of four days off so you don’t slip back into not exercising.

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Embrace an Active Lifestyle

If you want to learn how to live healthier, stay active inside and outside the gym. For instance, walk everywhere whether it’s taking the stairs or taking a stroll to the store.

You should also choose active vacations like going kayaking, hiking, or cycling so you sneak in exercise while exploring new surroundings.

Find a Support Group

Not sure how to live a healthy life? Then find a group of like-minded people who love healthy cooking and stay active during the weekends.

It’s helpful to be around motivated people so when you’re feeling sluggish, confide in them and they’ll get you back on track with your fitness goals.

Eat Clean

If you’re unsure how to get fit, prioritize clean eating. Pay attention to nutrition labels and consider the amount of sugar, fat, and calories that are listed.

Start cooking at home so you only use fresh ingredients and control the amount of sugar or salt you’re using. You can make it fun by creating a rota so each family member whips up their favorite healthy dish so you’re always trying new recipes.

Bored of veggies? Then get creative and roast vegetables with olive oil, salt, and pepper, or blend them into a green juice so you’re getting enough nutrients.

Portion Each Meal 

Instead of eating three large meals, divide these into six smaller ones. This is healthier because your body has less food to digest so you feel more energy when you’re working out and doing your daily life.

You should also track how many calories you’re eating with each meal. If you’re planning to lose weight, then make sure you’re burning more than you’re eating.

Stay Hydrated

It’s important to drink at least two liters of water every day. Staying hydrated is crucial as it carries nutrients to your cells, helps your organs function, and flushes toxins from your body.

If you’re not keen on the taste, add fresh fruit to your pitcher so there’s more flavor, or invest in a filter to purify it. You should also get in the habit of drinking a glass of water before exercise and have a glass after every bathroom break.

Still struggling? Then grab a marked water bottle so you can see how much you’ve consumed and never leave it empty otherwise you’ll forget about drinking enough water.

Another useful tip is to tie daily transitions to drinking water. So before leaving the house or getting the mail, drink a glass of water so you associate actions with staying hydrated. Eventually, you’ll get in the habit and you’ll be drinking the daily requirement.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

You must regularly get at least seven to eight hours of shut-eye. Sleep is the key to living a healthier life as it lowers the risk of heart disease, regulates your calories, and boosts your immunity.

Plus, getting enough sleep improves your workouts as you have more energy, better concentration, and performance intensity.

That’s How to Get Fit and Healthy

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now know how to get fit and healthy.

Start by outlining your fitness goals, exercising daily, and eating clean. You should also prioritize drinking plenty of water and getting a good night’s sleep so you live a healthier and fuller life. Good luck!

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