7 Effective Tips to Help You Shed That Stubborn Fat

Stubborn fat is really about belly fat which is a nuisance and difficult to get rid of. But apart from robbing you of that slim, healthy physique, this stubborn fat is usually harmful and can be robbing you of a healthy life. This type of visceral fat is also a major risk for heart disease and other chronic health conditions. So it would be best to prevent fat build-up and reduce it if you already have excessive fat.

Here are steps you can take to reduce stubborn belly fat. These steps may include changes to both your diet and lifestyle.

1. Eat what is good for you

The first tip for shedding fat is to eat what is good for you. Diet is a good place to start on your journey to drop some of the fat by eating what is good for your health. Include in your meals lots of soluble fiber. Studies have shown that fiber lets you feel full, eat less, decrease your calorie intake and lose weight which is mostly fat, including that stubborn belly fat. You can include foods like avocados, flax seeds, Brussels sprouts, legumes and blackberries every day.

A high protein diet is also important for weight loss. It will stimulate your body to produce a hormone which will decrease your appetite making you feel full. Your metabolism will also improve and you will build muscles while you burn the fat. There are also l carnitine supplements you can get to boost your metabolic rate.

2. Avoid foods that are bad for you

The next tip you should consider is to avoid foods that are bad for you and increases the fat in your body. Avoid or at least limit intake of those foods that contain trans fats. These include some spreads, margarine and some packaged foods. The trans fat in these items seems to contribute to the build-up of abdominal fat among other unhealthy conditions in our bodies.

To aid reducing stubborn belly fat and stay healthy, check the ingredients on labels and avoid products which have trans fats. Those fats are often listed as partially hydrogenated fats.

Shedding that stubborn fat also requires that you avoid too much sugar especially fructose, that has been shown to cause various chronic conditions when used excessively. High sugar intake is linked to increased abdominal fat and other unhealthy conditions.

3. Reduce your carb intake

Reducing your carbohydrate intake can be very helpful for fat reduction, including fat around your midsection. A low-fat diet of below 50 grams daily will reduce belly fat if you are overweight. Following a strict diet low in the carb is not necessary. Some research shows that just by using unrefined carbs instead of its processed form may better your metabolic health and help you shed belly fat.

4. Avoid too much alcohol

Another tip worth considering is avoiding too much alcohol. In small amounts, alcohol can benefit your health, but it is harmful if you consume too much. Among the harm of excessive alcohol intake is increased belly fat. Studies link excessive alcohol intake to a great chance of getting fat around the middle.

Cut back on your alcohol intake to help reduce the size of your waist. Giving up altogether is not necessary, but just limiting yourself to a drink a day can help.

5. Exercise to shed fat

Make sure you get enough exercise to shed stubborn fat is another tip I would give. Aerobic exercise (cardio) is a good way to burn calories and improve your health. Studies have also shown that it is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise to reduce belly fat. But, it is still to be determined if the difficulty of the exercise is important but, the exercise time and how often you exercise should be of greater importance than how hard you do. Such exercise is effective for weight loss and is effective to help you get a slim waistline.

Resistance exercise, which builds strength, will also build your muscle mass and help you to shed your stubborn belly fat. One study that involved overweight teenagers showed that strength training combined with aerobic exercise leads to the greatest loss of visceral fat

6. Use apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has acetic acid which reduces fat in addition to giving you other important health benefits. A small amount of this vinegar (1–2 tablespoons) each day, will usually be safe and may help you to lose fat.

7. Try intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is a weight-loss method that has become very popular. It is an eating pattern of eating normally with periods of fasting. There are different methods that can be chosen to suit your lifestyle. Fasting intermittently may be a good option to shed that stubborn fat but could cause some ill-effects. If you begin to have other problems, you should stop your fasting.

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