How to Build Muscle with Proper Diet and Exercises

Living in 2019, you will hardly find youngsters with no fascination for bodybuilding! To be very practical, most of the guys aged between 17 to 25 are somewhat haunted by the fascination. And, if you are still wondering whether this statement is true or not, go to a nearby gym and witness yourself. You will find youngsters hitting the gym like crazy, and most of them have a strong desire for a hunk-shaped appearance. However, the bitter truth is- hitting the gym like a mad dog is not everything you can do to have a fit and strong body-shape as you dream. Bodybuilding requires dedication that we think you already have, and now you need to work hard and eat smartly. In the following, we will be guiding you How to Build Muscle with Proper Diet and Exercises. So, let’s jump right in without further delay!

How to Build Muscle

How to Build Muscle with Proper Diet and Exercises?

As mentioned earlier, everything that you need to do to build muscle is- dedication and hard work with a smart diet habit. In other words, consuming the right kind of food is somewhat equally important for making muscles and shaping body without affecting your health. Yes, you read it right! Consuming calorie as well as fats is important sometimes to build muscles along with certain exercises. Here is what you need to do and eat to build muscles without hitting gym and lifting weights.


Proper diet is the most crucial part of achieving your muscle building goal. A healthy diet full of essential nutrients is the vital most thing to fuel your workouts for bodybuilding. Your diet should be a well balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fat followed by vitamins as well as minerals. And, at the same time, you need to ensure that you are consuming the right quantity which is required to run your body and support your workouts. Check out your muscle building diet chart at

Protein: Consumption of a sufficient amount of protein in daily diets is a must for building muscles. To be very precise, you need to consume around 1 and a half to 2 grams of the protein against per kg of your body weight if you are planning to build muscles healthily and safely. Also, remember to track your protein intake. Meat, Fish, Eggs, Milk, Cheese, Soya Beans, etc. can be a good source of protein.

Carbohydrates: Carbs provide the body with energy to function properly. Consumption of certain amount of crabs is recommended in morning diet and after workouts. However, remember to monitor your carbs intake.

Fat: Though most of the people consider fat as an enemy for a healthy and fit body, it is also required for providing your body with some energy. Fats also help in forming healthy cells.

Mineral: It is another most important thing to keep yourself hydrated and help your body function properly. Remember to drink plenty of water when you are planning to have healthy muscles. You can also try super food drinks like Patriot Power Greens.


Proper and regular exercise is the second most important thing for building healthy muscles. And, to some extent, building muscles is almost impossible without workouts. However, remember to light exercises like stretching, jogging, etc. along with weight training, cross-training, and core building workouts to balance your body. Remember, the harder you will train your muscles, the stronger they will be with the passage of time. However, don’t overdo things that your muscles undergo irreparable damage. Read the review of Bowflex Xceed.

Along with all these workouts and diets, do not forget to take proper rest after workout sessions and sound sleep at the end of the day. And, on the top of everything that is stated above, consult a fitness professional and a dietitian before you proceed to your muscle building journey.