How to choose a steel coil manufacturer

Keeping in mind the same concern and to offer you the best quality and durable steel coil, it is important to come up with the best quality sheets and the coils. Different manufacturers have different measurements of the coils as well as the sheets. To ensure you get best quality steel coils; hence some manufacturers get sheets they get to go through the quality checking process. Also, they get to follow all quality as well as safety guidelines to be able to ensure that you can get the best steel coils for various purposes.   

Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing a steel coil manufacturer


This mainly refers to the price of the raw materials, components of the cold rolled steel coil or components by the suppliers. Price of the raw materials is very important when it comes to the supply chain. They will eventually determine the price of the coated coils as well as the input to the output ratio of the entire supply chain, which results in the profit margins for the producers as well as sellers. Price is, therefore, one of the major factors.


It is essential that you first confirm all details of the order and this includes color, width, packaging, the roll weight, etc. as well as the application environment for selecting the various raw materials. Well, some of the quickest, as well as the easiest method for being able to detect the PPGI, includes; a machine to check the thickness of paint and the coil thickness width, the T-bend to be able to detect adhesion of paint as well as the zinc layer detection. Also, you can go on and reserve the professional inspection agency including SGS to be able to conduct some random inspections and hence you can better define product quality.

Delivery time

According to purchase order quantity as well as the color of the PPGI that you can be able to confirm delivery time. Width such as 1219, 1250,600,914 takes longer time when compared to 1000, 1200 width. Well, according to customer’s samples, paint delivery rime is a bit longer.

Supply Capacity

Factory specification as well as production line capacity does impact the production cycle and the product diversity directly. We have various product lines ranging from galvanized line to the paint production line. Annual output has been estimated to be worth millions of tons.

Vendor Distribution

Distribution of the Chinese color coated coals mainly does include Shandong, Hebei as well as other provinces. Hebei Province gets to produce various diverse products and fairly large steel mills that are concentrated in Hebei Province. Shandong Province has PPGI, PPGL GL, GI, Boxing and Liacheng that does produce products including color coating and galvanizing as well as the countries which export have also been concentrated. COSASTEEL is a steel coil manufacturer located in Shandong Province.

Delivery on time

If a period that is confirmed with the factory, it is important to be able to confirm follow up plan including shipping time. Therefore, the delivery time is essential. This factor does directly affect arrival date as well as the sales of the customer product. Hence, delivery punctuality should be taken into account. Being able to choose a very rigorous factory is important.

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